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Powered by the Yellow Sun 2

             After playing World of Warcraft for half a decade and finding no other contenders to its mighty money throne, I was resigned to the idea that Blizzard would be getting $15 a month to fill my MMO addiction. I had high hopes for Champions Online, since I’d rather be a superhero than a gnome warrior but, to put it bluntly, that game was a monstrosity, completely uninteresting and at times unplayable. Soul-crushing as it was, its failure can be contrasted by the great experience that is...

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Tell It to the Cleaning Lady on Monday 0

With the impending release of the "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" film, many people might peg this "Scott Pilgrim vs The World:The Game" as another movie adapation and immediately file it under their "ignore forever" section of their brain. However, this downloadable brawler is more then a little extra revenue being squeezed from a film IP, and is instead entirely worthy of the $10 (in Canadian monies).  Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game is a video game retelling of the six part Scott Pilgrim co...

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Golden 8

We've been subject to Pokémon games for a long time. Many people never got beyond Pokémon Red and Blue as by time Gold and Silver came out, Pokémon had been overexposed and was considered pretty lame. That's really too bad, because Gold and Silver were probably the pinnacle of the Pokémon games, truly worthwhile sequels that felt superior in every way to it's predecessor. More than a decade later, we receive the remake, and it is truly everything I dreamt it would be.  The story is pretty much t...

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Crash Landing 0

Games like ODST make me wish for a simpler time: a time of PC gaming. It seems like eons ago, but I remember when a developer would make a game, and if they wanted to add content, they would release an expansion pack for another $20 or so. They realized that charging full price for a game they had already released just because they added a few more levels or missions would be a rip off and, more likely than not, no one would buy it. Yet here comes Halo 3: ODST, brazenly waving it's ridiculous $7...

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It's Mahvell, Baby! 0

It's almost inconceivable that someone who owned a 360 didn't have the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was packaged with the system, along with Forza, during the 360's hay day and was sold at most used game retailers at a rock bottom price. And really, there was no reason not to have MUA, as it was an entirely competent beat-em-up which could be played at it's full potential locally rather than over Live. Yet it wasn't a great game, as it seemed to outstay it's welcome after the first three h...

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