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Spoon’s Favorite Sidekicks

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  • Alright, she may not qualify as a sidekick but my video game life would not be complete with out her.

  • Where would we be without that voice in our head telling us whats up with the covies. I have to admit, I sometimes get advice from her even when not playing Halo.

  • Ohh, Check me out.

  • I have a special place in my heart for Luigi. He is always my fist pick of which character to play, given the choice.

  • The beloved sidekick of Sly Cooper whose epic journey of self discovery taught us all some valuable lessons.

  • Bentley's confinement to a wheelchair was catalyst for Murray's decision to turn away from violence.

  • The sidekick that taught us to beware of Dark Eco.

  • Oh Sparx, where would we be without you there to tell us how much health we have? ...DEAD, That's where we would be.