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    The CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots, better known as Claptraps, are robots who assist the population of Pandora in Borderlands. The first Claptrap in the game (the one on the title screen) is almost always dancing for some reason.

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    Claptraps can be found throughout


    , blocking off access points between areas until certain criteria is met and informing players when new missions are available from bounty boards or


    s. The majority of Claptraps encountered throughout the game are broken down and in need of repair, these Claptraps are found laying on the ground moaning audibly and offer a quest to find a repair kit hidden somewhere nearby. When the player returns to the Claptrap with the repair kit they will normally be rewarded with a backpack SDU which will expand their inventory, although on the second playthrough of the game players have a chance of receiving a backpack SDU or a grenade mod from the first five Claptrap rescue missions.

    Claptraps are usually painted a simple colour with white stripes, although more unusual variations of Claptraps have appeared such as a Jakobs-branded Claptrap and a banker Claptrap in

    Mad Moxxi

    's Underdome. They are highly talkative, speak in a friendly and welcoming manner and when left to their own devices often seem to enjoy dancing. Claptraps appear to have some kind of disc drive in their front and judging from the Borderlands PC launch trailer they perceive all humans to bear moustaches. They are often the target of abuse from bandits.

    Claptraps also appear as icons for describing the many weapons, items, and mods in the game, much like

    Vault Boy

    from the




    • The Claptraps are voiced by David Eddings.
    • In addition to the Claptrap the player meets in the opening of the game there is another Claptrap that can be found in Fyrestone by getting onto the roof of the weapons shop, however this Claptrap cannot aid the player in any way.
    • In the Claptrap webseries the Claptrap featured is shown to be foul-mouthed, rude, quick to anger and highly aggressive when out of character, however the webseries can be considered non-canon. The webseries was partly based on the leaked recordings of Christian Bale's outbursts on the set of the Terminator: Salvation movie.
    • Claptrap in Borderlands 2 is the same CL4P-TP unit you meet in Fyrestone in Borderlands 1.

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