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Scream at me!

My music preference for the day today has been that of Punk, which has made me go through my collection of Fugazi and Minor threat for most of the evening. After going through a few hours of the bands music I started wondering why I find any of it appealing?  Although the music itself can be a little odd with feedback solos, weird drumming, or sloppy sounding guitar, its not what bothers me, in fact I barley even questioned that aspect of it. The thing that made me question why I enjoy this rough sounding music is because of the lead singer's, Ian MacKaye, singing, or should I say lack of singing.  
In most of Fugazis and Minors Threats songs Ian is screaming away, just yelling word after word into the microphone. Yes, I know, this is punk music, that is what usually goes on, but why do people like myself find this stuff appealing? Its not the lyrics, although I love the lyrics, they are not the only reason I listen to these bands. The screaming is not fueling into any  repressed anger or angst I have because I am generally a pretty relaxed guy. While listening to the music I did get a sense of empowerment, a feeling that made me want to stand up and just be me, and just do what I believe! Is that feeling I get the reason I can stand, or even enjoy the vocals of these bands?

No, I just cannot convince myself to believe that the sense of empowerment can excuse horrendous vocals. There are many other screaming bands out there that are more angry, emotional, or just plain whinny. Why does any of this appeal to people? Hell even bands that yell and scream like Nirvana have had hits on the radio. I just think this should be off putting and just plain annoying, yet here i am listening to two of my favorite bands scream away instead of listening to some other bands I enjoy like The Beatles, John Frusciante, or Radio Head.    
In the end it really does not matter, I love the music and will continue to listen to it, I just cant help but wonder why people enjoy screaming in their music. 
Side note: Anyone interested about these two bands I am talking about here are two videos.  


Piracy Woes

I recently stumbled upon an article regarding the effects of piracy and stubborn teenagers.  
I personally couldn't have said it any better myself  then Jason did in this blog post. The thing that bothers me the most about piracy are the people who think they have the right, or are doing a good thing by pirating. Do not beat around the bush, just admit your a thief. 
I have heard the excuses, from people who do not have a credit card, to the merchant not supporting your favored payment method, to the item not being available legally in your area.  What do i have to say to that? Tough luck, do not get it if you cannot get it legally, you do not need it to survive. I have missed out on CD's that i have been interested in because the artist didn't ship to the USA, or they didn't accept my credit card. I didn't go to a torrent site and download it when i found out i couldn't get the CD, i just accepted it and moved on.  
The only reason i have this point of view is because i believe that the artist, director, or developer deserves to be paid if they can get me interested in their product. Why should I screw them over by getting their product for free just because i can?  
I may elaborate more later, but for now i am going to bed. I just hope i provided some food for thought for at least 1 person. Many industries, artists, and developers are suffering because of piracy. Lets give them what they deserve people.