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Rugby, just not right. 0

I’m a fan of the sport of Rugby. I believe, as something I like to invest my time in, it gives great returns. Unlike other sports - Say Football (Soccer) or Cricket - the return is often immediate and consistent. I’m not the hardcore fan that follows every single match nor do I have a team I claim to love. I love the Rugby when nations collide as a matter of pride, fighting with every bone in their body for the honour of lifting the World Cup trophy at the end of a long fought battle. To say tha...

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A competent cover-based, stealth action shooter! 0

 Sam Fisher’s story finally reaches an epic climax.   His return is a triumphant, bloody, well-paced gaming experience that once again twists and turns around the activities of Sam’s parent agency Third Echelon. In this ‘conclusion’ to the Sam Fisher story, we rejoin our hero on an adventure of discovery through his past missions. It relates not only to the death of his daughter, but also recalls events as far back as the very first game.  The story is all about revenge; Sam is ‘Re-activated’ by...

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An Unforgettable Odyssey 0

Any RPG fan will, from the out set of this game tell you one thing. Lost Odyssey plays a lot like Final Fantasy 10. In fact the combat system feels almost identical right down to the menus and 'Turn waiting' boxes. Although not a bad thing as the game has concentrated on other areas to build itself a name, using an already established and popular combat system enables focus on other areas. First Steps The world in which the game is set consists of Immortals and Mortals, Kaim the main character...

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