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OMG! No reviews for the PS1 legend?! 2

If you have not played this game then you should do so immediately! It is a childish game to be fair but that was it's target audience. If you enjoy childish humor and uncomplicated adventure then you will love 40 Winks... If you are one of those people that like to over criticise everything and don't feel satisfied with anything then shouldn't have the privelege of being shown the amazing gameplay of this fantastic game because you won't enjoy it anyway... If you have played this game as a chil...

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A classic by far 3

This was the first game I ever owned with the ps1, and the first video game I ever played. I had this game and this game alone for several months before my next one. This shows the amount of time you can spend with it before you get bored. If this is also one of your childhood games you will know what I'm talking about and if you went back to play it now you would love it for what it is and chuckle at it's lame childish humor.  I also found this game to be a good family game. My parents and I wo...

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