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Everything old is new again v3

There's not much else to blog about at the moment so I thought I'd let everyone know what I'm playing since I don't have a next gen console at my house anymore. I only have one other console that I like as much as the 360 and that being the Playstation 2 so I went back and started playing some of the clas sics.

Resident Evil 4 (Capcom)

Resident Evil 4 is just great, and for RE5 to be modeled after it just makes it that much better. I've played this through countless times and remembered I had a save I didn't finish so I thought it be a good time to go back. It's my first attempt at the Pro mode and the last time and at the Krauser fight in Act IV, about another few hours and I should be done. I can only imagine how hard some of the scenes in Act V are going to be played out since you're constantly surrounded by enemies trying to make your way to the final fight. I plan on finishing the game and unlocking those extra outfits and new weapons to play through it once more before Resident Evil 5 comes out next year.

This is one of my favourite games on the PS2 and just the intensity and the atmosphere combined adds a lot of depth to the game and will always be played out like a new game. Some of the extra challenge modes off the menu are hard, there's this one point challenge where you have to survive as long as possible on a small map and the enemies just come after you wave after wave. The dude with the chainsaw always ends up getting me, not the weak one but the stronger one. Overall amazing game and definitely worth going back to in the last weeks of summer.

Devil May Cry (Capcom)

Devil May Cry has to be one of the most refreshing PS2 titles to date. It introduced a new and exciting genre and set the bar incredibly high to top it back when it was released. Already four games in the series and this is the one that started it all. Featuring a dark and twisted story of revenge set in a castle that is to provide Dante with the answers he needs, quickly finds out there's more than what he's searching for very quickly. I must say some of the fights are hard and the way they implemented the combo system is one of the best I've seen even to today's standards. I like the way tactics play a vital role in the way you attack in this game since not all enemies are affected that much by certain weapons.

There are a lot of puzzles and some great boss fights that will test your limits to the edge especially on the higher difficulties. It's been a while since I've played this so I have to get used to it again and if I have time I'll play through the other two games that I have in the series.The attacks are insane and the Devil Trigger I think it's called is awesome in this game. This really is an over-the-top game with a lot of interesting puzzles, enemies and one of my favourite action-shooter hybrid games of all time. I plan on finishing this as soon as I figure out this one section I'm currently stuck on at the moment.


New Downloads

Yesterday I decided to go get a MS point card and get a few things off the Marketplace. I'll only get them if there's something really worth the money since not every item is worth buying on LIVE. The first thing I downloaded was free and the second was an arcade title which is addictive and some picture packs on the side.

Battlefield: Bad Company (Conquest)

I played this the other night with a friend and I have to say if you don't have this already you should download it now. It came out two days ago and I think I like it better than Gold Rush from the sessions I played. They're both good modes, but your team actually helps you out in this with all the caps. A lot more strategy to it since you're always attacking and defending, just need to know when to do what. Still no one talks so it's better to get some friends in your games to help out.

I'll talk about it real quick it's basically capture the flag but with control points and they're evenly spaced, five in total. Two of them close on your side, two on the enemies and one in the center. DICE used four maps from the full game and opened up different sections so the clas sics feel new and almost completely different. You can win by capturing all five, having the most at the end of the game or taking out all of the enemies tickets (lives/respawns), The experience is intense and will make for a lot of interesting battles on the battlefield.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

I think I haven't put this down since I got it, the most addictive game I've played in a long time. The game play is just too much at times especially Sequence, regardless I'm real good at it. If there is such thing as a game that hurts your eyes it's this. There's even more on screen then before and the patterns can get ridiculous. I think it's a great sequel and the amount of content in this plus online co-op just may make this my favourite XBLA title.

Deadline - A three minute game where you try to get as many points as possible.

King - Stay in certain zones to be able to shoot enemies but they go away after a while.

Evolved - The classic game reinvented to be played with all the new additions.

Pacifism - The only way to attack enemies is going through and breaking gates.

- The enemies attack from all directions in waves that sometimes cover the screen.

- Twenty levels of different challenges and you only start with three lives.

Overall great game, worth the 800 spent and some of the achievements are hard. If I had to rate it, about a nine would be right. If anyone else gets this we should play some co-op.

Everything old is new again v2

Since it is summer I decided to go play some games that I haven't in a while. A lot of the new releases aren't that great and I already think I have enough games to last a while. There have been a lot of great games that came out in the last few years that I haven't finished since I had more than one gaming console of choice.

Final Fantasy XII (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XII was the last new PS2 game that I got before I bought a next gen console, that being the main reason I never finished it. The story in it is very rich and the characters have great personalities. This is definitely the largest scale FF game released to this point and it has a great story with a good pace to it. I actually got far in it before I stopped playing it so I'm going to read up everything that I've done so far to get back into the plot and go from there and finish it. There's a lot to do in this game and will definitely be my game of choice for the summer.

Battlefield: Bad Company (DICE / EA Games)


Do you enjoy gaming in the summer?

Summer started just about a month ago now and it's a time that most of us just like to relax, spend time with friends, go on vactions or even just stay home
. With every season different opportunities become available and with those they make the most out of our days and make them memorable. This brings me to gaming, this has been a question I've thought about for a while and decided to share it with you guys. Since alot of us are avid gamers, regardless of which console do you enjoy gaming in the summer?

These are my thoughts on it and I want to hear from you guys too. I think it's great, but at a time like this in moderation is best for a few reasons. The essential idea most of us play so many types of games is to accomplish something that isn't possible or open to us in the real world or basically just another approach at an activity we're really good at. I think every year at this time game developers limit the amount of titles so that we can focus on other things. If the market was always profitable all year round there would be no end and gaming would be an addiction. This is the time where they can take a much needed break as well as us.

Summer gaming at least to me isn't all that great this year, I know there are some great games being released such as Soul Calibur IV and Too Human. I've played both demos to the point hours passed by like nothing, and they were both real good in their own sense. Too Human was great and everyone should check it out. Since summer started all I picked up and planned to get was Battlefield: Bad Company which doesn't really compare to last year when I purchased Bioshock, Guitar Hero II and Forza 2. There's a lot more to do than just game, the options are almost endless. A lot of great movies are hitting the theatres now and the weather is getting hot so there's alot to do outside.

I think Summer is going to be great this year regardless. I have a few things planned and goals to get done by the time it's done. First, I need to get a new job and work as much as possible since already having three months off school feels like enough. I plan on skating every chance I get, learn some new tricks and record some of it. Go see a few new movies; The Dark Knight, Midnight Meat Train, Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express in theatres. Get ready for school in September and of course get some gaming in there. I'm sure I'll see a few of you on Live so we'll play something for sure.

I'll be picking up a PS3 when the price on the 80GB drops and just in time for the first great wave of new games such as Little Big Planet, excited for that. I'll be getting a few that I missed that I'd like to go back and play, them being Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4 and Resistance. I'll add up my PSN id when I get it to let you all know. Basically that's it, let me know your opinions on summer gaming and peace out.