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    There are definitely other faction logos in Transformers that are not Autobot/Decepticon or Maximal/Predacon.The MERCENARIES logo (which looks kind of dumb) has most recently been used in certain angl...

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    I really hate being the sort of person that posts feedback on a podcast, especially somewhat negative feedback for a podcast that I quite enjoy typically, when the feedback I'm giving is "Hey stop be...

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    Love you Scott, Sid is wonderful, and Kentucky Route Zero is one of the most significant experiences I had this year.

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    The lack of KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO in a lot of the GOTY conversations distresses me greatly.Initially I didn't feel like this was a strong year for games, but then I realized that I left a few heavy hit...

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    If all it takes is a quick search on twitter to discover these allegations, what exactly is your vetting process for this?

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    Love the new format. Gives a more comprehensive view on the year in games and your thoughts on them instead of getting into arguments for awards that maybe didnt matter all that much anyway.