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Crunch time incoming, everyone hide!

Oh the joy of another month or two of soul crushing crunch time! I always expect it to come and then when it does I'm always surprised saying "really? 60 hour weeks to start with? well alright i guess..." and so it goes. But it wont be all bad right? Totally who doesn't like buckets of overtime pay? Well the money is fine but I'd like to be able to sleep while earning said money. There are a lot of practices in the industry i don't particularly enjoy but so many companies get ready for releasing a game like a college kid cramming for a test. But like any business the ends justify the means so i don't see that changing any time soon.  It is strange that just about everyone in the industry knows how bad this can get but it doesn't seem like anything is going to change.

So a simple word of caution for any looking to crack in to the industry, as long as you are okay with a 60-100 hour week with not a huge amount of individual praise then you just might have what it takes.

My nose just started to bleed, laters internet!