My Top 10 Game Franchises

These are some of my favorites... 

I'll finish my comments later.

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  • I watched the cartoon, plaid most of the games, and he's one of the most recognizable characters. How could the Mario franchise not be number one?

  • Metal Gear, a series that's so over the top I dunno how it wasn't on top.

    Action and Stealth, mixed very well together. Its core was always the same but

    through the years it became so much more. It advanced to 3D, then added more hiding places and skills, wound repairing, and camouflage levels. A great story

    (it can get pretty crazy to believe) with great characters. It's the kinda game

    that you wish they'd make a movie (or mini-series) out of, only to get crushed

    by the fact that it'd never be as good as the game... kinda like #3 and #6.

  • Shepard. Commander. Bad-ass. A human soldier who gets caught up in events that

    end up sending him across the galaxy and now back to earth. Part RPG and Part Shooter. The character is shaped by you in many ways, along with the rest of the

    story. Save transfer from the first to the last means you can have a tons variations of the whole series.

  • War, war never changes. Everything that happened once the vaults opened can be...

    You take a character through different stories across a nuke ravaged usa that is

    very different then our own.