Poetry On the Way (to sleep)

This one's really short.

In Divisible

Coherence and discordance, equally disregarded
Margins squeezed to the margins squeezed off the page

Joint accounts, registered in one name
Past selves fucking over present selves fucking over future selves

Recognition of scarcity accelerates consumption
Two yards from the cliff becomes two feet over the edge

The first wars of identities rage
The last piece of self is discarded


Monogamy and polyamory as moral and aesthetic choices

Many people have discussed, in various formats, the issue of partner quantity. 

There are a wide variety of opinions, but the debate is most often distilled into a duality of monogamy and polyamory.

Admittedly, both sides of the debate are valid as personal choices, and even ethical -- if expressed honestly and prudently with one's recipient of love. That is to say, if one chooses monogamy for one's self, one does not render a relationship monogamous merely by being monogamous by one's self. No personal choice nullifies the free agent status of another individual. One might object and argue that one can choose to impose their will on another. By making that argument, however, one ignores the plain fact that the "choice" to impose on another is an interpersonal choice by definition. By the same token, a choice to be polyamorous is valid and even ethical if one is honestly polyamorous; that is to say it's not cheating if your recipients are aware of your desire for variety, and you're not putting them at any undesired risk (you are practicing safe sex, for example).

However, this post is not merely intended to justify the validity of both polyamory and monogamy, but to demystify the intense individualism that can be expressed by the choice to be monogamous in particular dimensions of life, so it's more subjective than most of my posts here, admittedly.

Love means different things to different people, but to a Suicrat, the implicit suffix of the phrase. "I love you" is "as a free agent". Suicrats value not people as people (as Objectivists do), nor as the values (materially and otherwise) they obtain from them (which is what some critics seem to think Objectivists do), but as remarkable examples of the beauty that can emerge when one examines a lifetime's culmination of choices, and attempts to extrapolate a trend I'd refer to as "living". (This is not to say I'm promoting some po-mo, life-is-artifice bullshit.)

When a Suicrat says "I love you and only you in this particular way", (s)he acknowledges that the receiver's projected trend is so pleasing to him/her that (s)he feels a unique compulsion to share him or herself in ways (s)he wouldn't otherwise with other people, even other people (s)he cares about, deeply.
Now, monogamy does not merely refer to one's attitude towards sexual encounters. In fact, one can be 'monogamous' (which is to say one can express a unique type of love to only one person) in many dimensions other than sex, and be sexually polyamorous; so as you can see the two attitudes of polyamory and monogamy aren't mutually exclusive, as the dualists argue. For example, if one only shares one's hopes, desires, and fears with one other person, but expresses their sexuality with multiple people, they are both monogamous and polyamorous, but in separate dimensions of living. By that same token, if one posts their innermost thoughts on the internet, and shares them with a video game forum, but refuses to engage in sexual activity with any but one person, that person is both polyamorous and monogamous, again in separate dimensions.
The attachment of the two terms 'polyamory' and 'monogamy' are justifiably attached to sex by most people, but really, we all love different people in different ways for different reasons. We can't honestly expect to be wholly one or wholly the other, there are too many different people with too many different values to share with us, after all!


Suicratic Resolution Act of 2010

Preamble; Three (3) Clauses

(Two (2) Principle-oriented clauses (I & III) and One (1) clerical)

Clause I

The Suicratic Ethics are all about finding the most effective and enjoyable ways of reaching one's goals, to that end I hereby pass the following act of personal ethics, to apply to actions taken and decisions made during the calendar year, 2010.

Clause II

Four (4) Resolutions have been passed in this act, heretofore referred to as "2010-IV-a", "2010-IV-b", "2010-IV-c", and "2010-IV-d"

Clause III

All four (4) acts are interrelated and correlated to one another, and to the first steps taken in turning my life from the piece of shit it was prior to December 2009 into the greatness that felt so attainable during said month.

Body; One (1) Clause, Four (4) Resolutions

Clause IV

a) Having realized and propagated the importance of time-preference-delay, a savings goal of $5000CAD (five thousand Canadian Dollars) is passed, and must be met prior to January 1, 2011, and improved upon thereafter. Prior to the saving of the first dollar, all pre-existing debts must be paid.
b) Having discovered ample evidence of the necessity of good fitness during calendar year 2009, a weight loss goal of 50 lbs (fifty imperial 'pounds') is passed, and must be met prior to January 1, 2011, and improved upon thereafter. Additionally, medical and kinesiological consultation will be sought on the most effective weight-loss method for greatest-possible flexibility, stamina, and strength.
c) Having rediscovered the joy of actually playing actual hockey, additional funds (funds not to be taken from those sequestered by Resolution 2010-IV-a) are hereby to be sequestered for the purchase of new hockey equipment and membership in an adult recreational hockey league within reasonable commute distance. (Reasonable commute distance is to be defined as accessible with no greater than 35 minutes of travel).
d) Having calculated the immense amount of money spent on an annual basis on recreational substances, the yearly amount of money to be spent on such substances must not exceed $1 000 as of January 1, 2011, and reduced further thereafter.

Post-Act Discussion; Undetermined number of clauses

Clause V

Additional clauses will be posted monthly with updates on the status of all four (4) Resolutions. All goals will be fulfilled by January 1, 2011.
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