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Beautiful and haunting 0

Can I talk about Limbo without talking about Braid? An interesting question to pose myself, mostly because Braid is one of my all time favourite games. In fact, just by starting the review of the game this way, it's quite obvious that I can't. Don't get me wrong, both games are very different in their mechanics but they are both arty puzzle platform games that have an amazing amount of resonance. In a way though, Limbo is the antithesis of Braid. Where Braid offers complexity through text, colou...

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Worth every Oprhan... 0

There was a cut scene in the middle of DeathSpank that had me laughing out loud. People often use hyperbole in describing classic adventure games, particularly those of Ron Gilbert. I don't think I have ever fallen out of my chair in laughter and the only joke I recall laughing out loud for during the Monkey Island series was the surreal dream sequence in the second one. I'm not saying those games weren't funny, I'm just saying they weren't the type of humour you split your sides to. To be funny...

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I can't remember multiplayer drama like this... 0

I came back from four colonies. That was the power, the satisfaction of Risk: Factions for me. My friends and I all sitting around the television making deals and working out every possible scenearo only to ultimately have my red robot menace sweep the world.  I should note something I deem important. I had never played any version of Risk before, I'm not some old hat at this game. I tried the demo to see if it would be a fun game to play while listening to podcasts. Next thing I know my housema...

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A unique and interesting world 0

There is a moment I want to say about half way through Zeno Clash where the girl you have been travelling with asks you to go hunt for some food. So you run out into the desert and walk through the legs of large dinosaur type creatures. While this wasn't the first time during the game where I said to myself "wow, this is a different game environment," it was the moment where I was sold.  There is something to be said for doing small tasks in interesting enviroments. It feels as though the guys w...

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