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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assault 0

Combined Assault is a classic SOCOM game, it has it's highs, and definitely has its lows.The singleplayer section of the game is just as entertaining as the rest of the Socom franchise games, it has an in-depth story and an array of weapons and objectives that will keep you occupied whether you play it through on admiral or ensign. The Combined Assault multiplayer is really why people buy this game; it is yet another xbox-live challenging game with an excellent online lobby service.However, this...

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Call Of Duty 2 0

Call of Duty 2 for the 360 has many different aspects which makes it very hard to review. Firstly, this is quite an old game and because of that, the unlockable achievements are very simple, yet hard to unlock. If you are thinking of buying this game and you DO mind about the gamer points then get ready for some seriously long gameplay and feeling so frustrated that you want to smash in your 360 with your controller. This is because nearly all of the points are unlocked via Veteran difficulty (e...

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Crackdown (the ultimate ticket to the Halo 3 beta) 0

Crackdown has many great aspects that make it fun to play, easy to pick up and hard to complete, which are most of the criteria of the best games around. At a glance crackdown may seem like one of those superhero games like spiderman, but it is so much more; the details of the cities are so intricate and the idea of upgrading different abilities in different ways because of your special suit is a new and refreshing idea and a good change from just happening because you are a super hero. The abi...

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Forza Motorsport 0

Forza Motorsport 2 is the latest addition in the realistic but fun Forza driving series. Unless you are a serious collector, i recommend buying the standard edition because the limited edition that i bought only gives you three extra cars (which are pretty bad) and a booklet which contains some information on the game, which i don't think is worth an extra 10 pounds. The game is very good in the way that it is very realistic (although sometimes cornering at such high speeds seems a bit dodgy) an...

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Bioshock (short) 0

I have to say that Bioshock is almost definitely the best singleplayer game i have ever played. The game just continues to amaze me and i keep finding things that i have never found before and doing things that couldn't even imagine even though i have almost completed it twice. The graphics are stunning, and the fact that the game is set in 1960 means that there is plenty of colours and great and inventive designs and so you never get bored of the amazing scenery. And i can't mention graphics wi...

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Gears Of War 0

Where to start? Well gears of war is most definitely the best game so far that has reached the current gen consoles. I will give you a relatively short, but sweet review of why GoW is imo GOTD. Starting with the single player, it is just the right length; most surely not too short and not too long either (which is probably more annoying, I mean come on; who doesn't have 10 games in their collection that are so long that they have been dumped?). You feel like you have accomplished something inc...

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