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you never forget your first... 0

This was my first point and click style adventure game... It made quite an impression, as I played nearly every point and click adventure game made before or since this game came out.  I remember being on the edge of my seat as I'd travel the world trying to understand what was going on in this game.  I remember this game being very atmospheric without even having music throughout most of the game.  All I can really say is that if you enjoy adventure games, and you have a platform in which this ...

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Snake rattle and amazing! 1

This game represents a wonderful achievement in multiplayer gaming.  I remember spending hours and hours playing this game with a friend.  This was probably actually one of the first truly cooperative 2 player gaming experiences I had.  I have nothing but fond memories of this game, and would recommend it to anyone.  and how can you not love a game that includes creatures named Nibbley Pibbleys, flying carpets, and bigfoot!  ...

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