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You need to play Gears of War, period 0

The highly anticipated XBOX 360 title from Epic Games, Gears of War, is an epic (pun intended) ride of pure adrenaline and cinematic genius. This third person shooter follows a single day in the life of a solider named Marcus Fenix and his comrade Dom. Their goal is to destroy the Locusts, a mysterious and vicious colony of creatures that plague their once peaceful planet. Able to emerge at any moment from a labyrinth of underground tunnels, the Locusts are quickly able to devastate many of the ...

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Enchanted Arms has its Moments as an acceptable RPG 0

Countless years ago, machines called Golems were created to do a single task until it was completed, even long after the one who gave the order perished. So, when this technology was used for war, it’s no surprise that the ideologies of those who were born and died, lived on through these machines. The Golem War, as it was later coined, raged for a thousand years, until finally, the most dangerous Golems, the Devil Golems, were sealed away. Now one of the Devil Golems is about to be reawakened, ...

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A Dated, but Quality RPG for the GC 0

Baten Kaitos for the Nintendo Gamecube is a great new addition to Namco’s list of quality RPGs. With a compelling storyline, in depth character development, and a story line that will leave you satisfied, Baten Kaitos is perfect for any RPG fan looking for that certain satisfaction.Baten Kaitos follows Kalas, a young mysterious character who is apparently out for revenge. At the start of the game you take the role of Kalas’ Guardian Spirit and throughout the game Kalas and his friends speak dire...

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