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Hot food, cold weather, flu season!

I decided to blog today, because I woke up this morning realizing that I have been struck with the stomach virus, I vomited for about 5 hours, until noon time, when I decided it would be best to stay in bed all day and call in sick at the day job today. It is getting cold really fast here in Georgia, the temp is dropping into the low 40's/mid 30's already! As a result I have been stocking up on whole wheat bread, cheese, tomato soup and Garlic salt. But today I couldn't eat that because of my stomach issues, I had been feasting on chicken boilion. I soon couldn't take the liquid anymore and once I realized my stomach had for the most part calmed down, I was more than happy to switch to toast and some Ramen beef noodle soup for the time being. With that being said, I am feeling a lot better now :).