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So I guess you wonder why there has not been a destroyer around..

I haven't been able to actually post here in almost 4 months because simply, my motherboard on my home built computer died. So I was forced to use my brand new Black Berry Torch as a computer,which is a great phone, just a pain in the ass to try and use it as a computer. But I finally got something good, I went to Best Buy and bought a Sony Vaio laptop for just about $800. It has a 5.0 dual core processor (very fast by the way), 4gig of ram, 500gb hard drive, a keyboard thats built so nothing can get underneath the keys, and it also features a number pad, the web cam in it is not that bad either. The guy also gave me the firewall I usually use for %50 off, which was also a great deal. The screen is also a 15.5 inch HD LCD and the system is running on Windows 7 Professional, which is pretty sweet. So now that you know I am back, I go some destroying to catch up on.