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Best of 2010

Man, this year kicked some serious ass! Way to go video games! 
P.S. Excuse the poor structure here. I just zoned out and typed for a while and this is what came out... and I refuse to edit my shit.

List items

  • When I was playing GTA IV, I couldn't help but feel like Rockstar was really starting to "get it" with their characters. With Red Dead Redemption, they fucking NAILED it. John Marston is one of the best main characters ever, and I was genuinely sad when my time with him was over. But RDR isn't my number one because of John Marston alone. The supporting characters are all interesting in their own unique ways, and the quests never got repetitive. Also, RDR's world was so interesting, so vast, and so goddamn beautiful, that I hardly EVER fast travelled. That, plus one of the most interesting endings to a game make Red Dead Redemption my number one, with a bullet.

  • There isn't much here to say that hasn't already be said. This game really is the end-all-be-all for music games. I just got cymbals and a second kick pedal and let me just say that Pro Drums is a FUCKING BLAST. And with the constant stream of DLC, I will be happy to continue giving Harmonix my money for a long time.

  • The first Mass Effect was so great, and like any great sequel SHOULD do, Bioware made it all so much better here. The combat was deepened (although I was upset with the simplification of gear and weapons), the story got some serious traction to lead into ME3, and the great cast really sucked me deeper into the Mass Effect world.

  • Having just finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, I feel pretty good about it's placement on my list. I feel like the combat flowed much better here than in AC2 and the story was great, although it all ended pretty abruptly. I still have the same issues with the traversal stuff though. I would clearly be aiming at a particular column or beam, and Ezio would miss wildly. This was made very evident in the last sequence of the game with Desmond. But, the game left me (just like AC2 did) wanting more. I wouldn't even mind if the next game was with Ezio again.

  • Think about this: The game that my personal number five of the year is a game that I played (for hours and hours and hours) ON MY GODDAMN PHONE! That shit is BANANAS! But really, the game is super deep, loads of fun, long as hell if you let it, and is something like $3. If you have a iOS device, there is no reason to not have this game.

  • Any game that I can bring to Thanksgiving dinner and get everyone from my 1 1/2 year old nephew to my 70 year old grandmother to play really did something right.

  • I have never been able to play the Call of Duty games online. I used to think it's because I sucked at FPS games (which may still be true), but Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer showed me what playing online should be like. I have dumped hours upon hours into BC2's online, and not ONCE wore a headset. More importantly, I never felt like I needed to. I may be wrong, but it feels like the BC2 players are more mature, which makes it so much more fun to play. Damnit, I gotta go buy Vietnam now...

  • Everything I was hoping for in a new Tim Schafer game was here in Costume Quest. While the combat wasn't all that great, the game kept up with new costumes often enough to keep me interested. Plus, it ran the perfect length to not outstay it's welcome.

  • I was REALLY skeptical going into Heavy Rain. I was very pleasantly surprised. While the voice acting left quite a bit to be desired, the gameplay drove on and on in the same way that a Christopher Nolan movie does. Start to finish I felt like this game was relentless and played with my emotions in a way no other game has been able to do.

  • While greatly improved from the first one, Dead Rising 2's story missions and occasional brokenness were the glaring zits on a otherwise great game. That said, just hopping into the game and fucking with zombies will never be not fun.