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I love Giant Robots.

I love Pro Wrestling. Er, when it lets me.

I love the fighting games.

I love games that let me explore a world and don't blatantly hold me by the nose. Early and most recent Zeldas, Metroidvanias, Shadow of the Collosus, that first Soul Reaver, Myst, Souls and Rogue, etc ,etc. The rest of the game can be whatever else really, as evidenced by how differently these things are, just let me off the leash with worthwhile things to discover.

Hmmm.... Books, Mythology, Theology, Science, Space, Art, Story Telling, Mysticism. All good things.

Netherrealm really need to make that horror fighting game and T-1000 needs to be in it.

My aethetic is Castlevania, Dark Souls, Berserk, Vampire Hunter D, Geiger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Lovecraft without the racism and basically anything you could describe as super dark & fantastical . So typical emo bullshit :p

Faxanadu is the first Souls-like.

I'm not sure if Super Robot Wars is a good "videogame" despite having beaten 20 or so of them. Seriously. Some are bad. But I think in general it's a really solid tactical turn based strategy RPG. Some more then others. But I worry I'm blinded by my fetish for mecha. SRW is great.

You should probably all read House of Leaves.