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Zombies + L33T spelling = Awesome

Forgive me, I don't normally blog about random small games, flash games, indie games, java games, iphone games, mobile phone games, etc etc I have not, and do not, and am only slightly likely to buy lots of them in the future. (On account of my plan to get an iPhone this year) 
But this one is the exception. 
I MAED A GAME3 W1TH Z0MB13S IN1T!  is a recent addition to the Xbox Indie (formerlly known as Community) games tab, and what a game! 
Obviously taking a note out of the pages of other highly stylised games like Portal, Splosion Man and similar, simple gameplay, catchy music and great style.  
Gameplay wise it's very similar to Geometry Wars, by all accounts it's a standard (and initially, shitty looking) dual thumbstick shooter, it probably has more in common with Smash TV however than Geometry Wars. Initial appearances can be decieving however, for the first 3 minutes it seems like whoever made this game has a basic understanding of how to assemble these mechanics in XNA, and has written (or a friend has written) a catchy song which he knew would take the internet by storm. However, by no means does the game ride on the back of that alone, after the first few minutes once the songs played out and you've been introduced to some zombies, it kicks everything up a notch, some clever and nice looking lighting effects kick in, the levels morph seemlessly into each other and after a while another song will kick in. 
The enemies vary pretty nicely, initially obviously there are zombies, but then you get slimes which split into smaller slimes, snake-style enemies who wizz around the screen leaving an after-image behind, evil faces (which by that point blend almost seemlessly into the background, fiendishly) and some other odd things, including perhaps the greatest homage to Asteroids i've ever seen. 
The sole purpose of the game seems to be to make you chuckle, give you a good solid 10 - 15 minutes of game time, and then begin to mercillessly kick your ass until all your lives are gone. I'm not sure if there is an end to the game, or if it just keeps spawning more and more enemies until you cave, but damn, by that point who cares it's the best dollar i've ever spent. 
That's right folks, one dollah! 80MSP (around 63p in the UK) 
I can honestly say, if you enjoyed Geometry Wars, or are a fan of Smash TV, or heck, just want 10 minutes of well thought out, off the wall entertainment, send your dollar to this guy, it's well worth it. Personally, I'd say this game is better than Geometry Wars when you consider it's only a dollar, but i've never been very good at these kinds of games, Geometry Wars is obviously the better game, but the fact i'm even comparing an XBL Indie games to Geometry Wars should be a clear indication that this game is worth your dollar. 
Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed. 
Kotaku Link (plus vid):