After braving the horrors of the streets at night. The dirzzly rain and cold wind. I got the sneak into gamestop two COUNT THEM 2 mins early!!!!!!!!!! 
 After meeting with their leader and agreeing to a epic quest..I was given the tools of the hero.... 
Ya...ok then... 
I was one of 3 people who showed up at midnight to nab this game. Along with a fight stick! Shameless pics below 

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 Da box and the game. Sorry. Photos taken via droid phone. 

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Included was a nice little piece of paper showing their signature moves (Not updated for SSF4) But nice none the less! 
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And da stick! I like the art. And the white button. Apon touching it I was slammed with memories of young me standing in the arcade hammering away at the older Street fighter games. Ahhh memories... 
Anyways. I am Cyberneticzero on the PS3. Please be gentle.     

I am sick of it

 For those who do not wanna read all of this. It boils down to. I was lied to quite a few times. And assured my laptop would be repaired and WAS repaired. And had it returned to me in the same broken state.

A little wile back my laptop's fan started to act up. Making a very loud and annoying humming sound. It drowned out anything on this site and quite a few games. I also got a virus from a friends email.

About three weeks ago I sent in my laptop for repairs. After about 3 days it arrived at the HP repair center. After about 20 back and forth emails I was told to contact phone support for something that was found. 
After spending about 20 mins on hold I was put though to a Indian women I could not understand at all. After asking nicely to speak to someone who spoke English she refused until I gave my account info (Ticket num and email) Of course After another 30 mins I was put to a super visor who I had just a hard understanding. Where in I just hung up. 
The next day I called during normal business hours and got a nice women who told me there was " Spillage" Dected under the keyboard. Course right away I knew it must be from when I cleaned the keys before I sent out the laptop. She said it would cost 300 odd bucks to fix this since it was not covered by the warrent. I said no. And asked if my warranty did cover the Fan repair and OS reinstall. Again I assured that "YES" it was. So happy I thanked her for the help and asked that the fan and OS be fixed. She said ok and that was it.
Another 10 emails into the customer support I asked" Was the fan and OS fixed?" In which I got

 Dear Nick,
Thank you for replying back tous.
From your recent email I gather that you want to know about repairdetails.
Nick, in response to your query I would like to inform you that as we have seen in our database and there is showing that fan has been repair and operatingsystem has beenreload as well. Ifyou are facing any issue with Notebook then please feelfree to let us know so that we can assist you in a better way.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.
For information on keepingyour HP and Compaq products up and running, please visitour Web site

I shit you not...the entire email chain was filled with horrible grammar and spelling issues. But again. They said it WAS fixed. After this I thanked them and waited for the laptop to be returned (This was on the 9th. Strangely the laptop was not shipped till the 13th.  Wondering why this happened I message support again asking what was up. They said the laptop went though a "VIGOROUS" quality test. And that the fan and OS worked fine now. 
So I happily awaited my laptop. About 30 mins ago I got the box. Opened it and turned it on. Right off the back the humming returned and I saw that my desktop had not changed at all. Unhappy I called support and after sitting though a nice long hold I was told.
"Your warrenty was voided because of the "Spillage" And no repairs can be made. We returned the laptop to you in the condition we got it" 
So now I am here..with a laptop with a near broken warrenty...and a virus that might reactivate at anytime. 
I have lost all hope in HP....Their " Superior" customer care is bull and I am at a lose. Thank you for reading.

Third party online failness

Well. After lazyin around for about...a month I finely went to grab Mass effect 2 for PC. I picked to grab a Digital copy at gamestop because it seems they are selling it for 29.99. They had download insurance so I grabbed that to Bringing the total to 33.49.  
I put in my credit info and hit send. I am smacked with a message " We can not verify your card" So I am " eh" Must have put it in wrong. I try a few more times. After getting this message 4 more times I went to my online back to make sure I had the money. And to my surprise I see that I have been charged 5 times for 33.49. (I did not even get the game!!!) Outraged I contacted gamestop. Where customer support was VERY nice *Not sarcasm* And right away told me that their third party Digital download provider claimed this had been a past issue and claimed it was fixed....guess not. 
 I was directed to their customer service and called them. Were I find out guess what!!!! They do not work weekends...So me...out 167 bucks. Stews for a few moments. Then I call my bank. After waiting about 10 mins I am connected to the fraud department. Were "Jeff" Quickly removes the 5 charges and wishes me a nice day. Still in awe of how quickly I got my money back I am now posting this. More of a warning.  
Be wary of this. I know this might sound like" Once wronged all ways angry" But hey. If you are on the Gamestop website (I find they have nice deals once and a wile) Think twice before downloading anything 
First person to make a clever quip about my stupidness Will have it added to this first post! 


Life of a snowed in gamer

*Takes deep breath* 
Hello and welcome to my first blog. I have never ventured into this because well. Normally I do not think people would care much of what I think. However. Now that I am pretty much unable to go anywhere. I have nothing better to do.  
Here in New York *And most of the east side* We have been hammered by snow for the last two days. And according to weather reports..there is no end that will come soon. Reports stating up to 3 inches of a snow and hour are what has been spread around.  
So..after getting my fill of MAG and some PC games I picked to come here and share my stories of Cabin Fever. 
Last night we had a bit of excitement. After a nice wave of snow I trotted outside to take some pictures 


       MMM MMM snowy goodness
     MMM MMM snowy goodness
After which I fell quickly into the snow *Now a nice 5 inches deep* All most losing my Droid.  
Returning safely inside I got some nice tea and started to watch District 9.  
A bit in I noticed a nice amount of flashing lights and radio sounds outside. When I peeked out my window I found that my entire street had been blocked off. Once again heading outside *Minus the phone* I checked to see what was up. Two fire engines had blocked off the entire street with a hand full of firemen walking up and down the street. Not wanting to freeze I picked to go back inside. However heading up the stairs I noticed a strange spark comming from a power line a bit down the street. It seemed that the snow had someone broken the power box and we had a nice little fire work show going.  
Soon the entire street had " caution" tape up and traffic was being diverted onto side roads *Which have not been plowed*  
After the excitement had died down I went back to my computer.  
Finely when all was quiet I checked out my window to find 

No Caption Provided
Outside strangely quiet and calm.  
And now I post in the morning. My power never having gone out. The car fully snowed in. And most of the area shut down. Under at least 7 inches of snow.  
Well thanks for reading. I know my life is pretty boring. Please try not to fall asleep wile reading. Have a nice day! 
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