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a good year for e3

this year in e3 was a really good one in deed, there were lots and lots of titles that have my interest and have my wallet (in the future) i have my own personal faves like Goldeneye for the wii (which was a big surprise to me in the nintendo conference, i never expected it) Brink (looks really cool lots of customization...i love customization) allout new vega (love the fallout series) and metal gear solid rising (the metal gear series is my favorite) just to name a few. and all the conferences (well the "big three" ones) were great in my opinion (but i think nintendo stole the show) all 3 big companies unveiled new tech  (or in nintendo's case a new device 3ds) and all 3 of them showed off games that were gonna be great (halo reach, zelda skyward sword, killzone 3 were probably the "biggest" there to most) it all makes me wish i was there and spent that X dollars to take a bus to LA just to be there. Sure there were some "duds" there but they were over shadowed by quality and thats how i think e3 should be every year.