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Alice: Madness Returns Review 0

 It's been eleven years since American McGee unleashed his twisted take on Lewis Carrol's classic children's tale. Now, McGee and his crew at Spicy Horse have invited us back for another tea party in Alice: Madness Returns. And while his unique brand of storytelling and artistic vision shine throughout, there are a few bad oysters on the table that keep this sequel from being a feast fit for cabbages and kings.  A Good Worker....    Madness Returns continues the morbid, yet intriguing tale of A...

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Double your DOOM. 0

 It's been a while, but id, Bethesda and Nerve have finally brought the second chapter of the DOOM saga to the Xbox Live Arcade. While the game itself isn't as memorable as the original, fans of classic FPS action will still find that there are plenty of thrills to be had within DOOM II's dark corridors and hellish domains.   Players once again take control of a lone marine as you rip and tear through 32 more levels of demonic infestation, as well as a brand new chapter created specifically for ...

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