Moderate in Moderation...

Whilst im not bashing the futile efforts of the forum moderators, something definetely needs to be said about the content popping up in the General Discussion forum. Infact lets look at that a bit. the word 'General' in this case seems to have sent the 'thumbs up' to spammers and trolls alike. Everything from 'Billy Ray Cyrus porn' to 'Why dont you like me' threads are being created. SO essentially the 'Off Topic' forums are redundant to say the least.

Perhaps a firmer hand is required? More mods deleting useless topics/posts


Instead of having "General Discussion" and "Off Topic" as the first forum sections you are given in a list, perhaps Giant Bomb needs to direct ppl to areas of interest. FOR EXAMPLE...
Personally, i would want the forums to have the following areas included in the 'quick links' in the forum section.

  • General Gaming Disussion (New releases/reviews/etc)
    • Gaming News (Rumours/Stories)
  • Links to PC/PS3/360/Wii Discussion boards..

Also can we get less DaWhiteAsian.

bbl farming


Acheivement #39 : Get mentioned on the Bombcast

In a community filled with Jeff and Ryan fanbois, its a little hard to get a mention in between the "5 GRAND!" and "HE GETS IT WHERE HE LIVES!" quotes. However trivial you may think this is, in this community, getting mentioned on the giant bombcast is what many would consider the holy grail of acheivements.

So i plan to break the mould of Jeff fanboi clones and get a mention.

How you might ask?

..You'll see :D


Giant Bomb Crew - Best possible Gold Farmer?

When im farming for gold (aka Gold Farming) i will listen to the smooth classical stylings of Midnight Brown and often ponder such things like "Who of the GB Crew, make the best apprentice GoldFarmer?". And im sure you have all thought the same thing.. but obviously not to the professional extent that i have, here are some of my deep meditative thoughts on the subject...

What you need to be a succesfull Gold Farmer like myself..

  1. Lots of Free time..
  2. Long attention-span
  3. Commitment and the DRIVE
  4. Impeccable taste in Energy drinks
  5. A really sweet beard
  6. Be asian.. or atleast (and in my case) have similar traits to that of an Anti-social Loot Ninja..

Ryan Davis
Ryan to me seems like he has 3 out of the 6 qualities required to become my apprentice, however he lacks what i like to refer to as "the DRIVE", no this is not some NFSMW euphomism, this is having the courage, the strength and the will to mercillessly beat down on thousands of swamp rats in order to acheive greatness. I also doubt his ability to endure long stretches of nothingness when your waiting to beat down on some noob boss who has yet to spawn. You have to be lightning quick.. like the flash, but without the tight spandex (well its ok i spose if u want to, goes good with a sweet beard) if you want to jump ahead.

And whilst i dont think Ryan is asian, he would definetely look great in a sneaking ninja suit... but i guess that doesnt really apply for gold farming.

Sorry Ryan, but you are not cut out to be a Gold Farmer.

Jeff Gerstmann
After purchasing i have often thought of the idea of Jeff, being my young padowan goldfarmer apprentice, but would he be any good? well... no, infact i think jeff would be the worst apprentice ever.. lets start from the top. Does Jeff have the time? well i would have to say no.. When was the last points report he did? A LONG TIME AGO.. you cant just Farm Gold every month or so... you need to farm daily.. cause if you dont farm it.. some legitimate player will grind his way to success.. and if that player gets the gold.. he wont want to buy it from me now will he? NO!

Secondly, does jeff have a long attention span? The answer is no. Have you ever watched a Points report video? its jam packed with all sorts of different topics, some times not even remotely close to the idea of Gaining Points!

Thirdly, does jeff have a sweet beard? i dunno reader, what do u think? does a points report have a sweet beard? it doesnt, so there you go. Sadly, Jeff would be not be a good time investment for me.

Brad Shoemaker
I guess that this point you could assume that at some point im going to have to chose atleast 1 of the GB Crew for my possible apprentice and you would be correct, but you guessed too soon. Even tho Brad has the most experience in mmos (althought tbh i dwarf him in experience because i am so pro), you have to look at Brads style, not asian, no beard, HORRIBLE taste in energy drinks - which btw is very bad, i dont know if any of you have noticed, but brad often just wakes up in time for the bombcast, which is why he has such a deep voice all the time.. im pretty sure thats it. I will give something to brad tho, i think he would have a very large attention-span and im sure he has alot of free time, but i dont think he has the commitment... especially after admitting his weakness and quitting wow. BL Brad, you almost became my apprentice. 

Vinny Caravella
So i suppose you think its now a forgone conclusion that Vinny is my choice to become my young apprentice padowan gold farming partner... well yes, he would be, but why you ask? well its quite simple. His attention span is near limitless as far as i can tell, anyone who has the mental stamina to complete any of the dragon ball games gets a golden star in my eyes. Also because he likes dragon ball so much, u could assume that Vinny is infact some decendant of an asian family..despite his euopean family name.

Vinny doesnt QUITE have a really sweet beard, but again, if you include the dragon ball and the THOUSANDS of hours he has put towards clipping gameplay videos and interviews and all that jibber jabber, i think Vinny has the commitment to grow one, also he has been an active MANLY participant in the drink tests during the bombcast. So Vinny in my eyes would be my choice.

Surprise anyone?

bbl farming


CrackHammer beta looms closer..

Well im sure you all realise that i am quite the busy bee. I have large quotas to meet and many clients to liase with, its a stressful job. Some clients cant wait to get their exploitative fix from my nipples of... exploitation? (mm guess i didnt really think that one through). Well im busy, thats basically my point, but something is on the horrizon, a game set to change the active population of mmo players around the world. a large quantity of NEW players ripe for the picking.. but will i be taking the plunge? especially after AoC? Do i really have the time to commit to another mmo so early into its release? well thats what the open beta is for..

I recently just purchased the Vapourware box from my local game shop - which for the time being will remain nameless... else i risk being ridiculed by the giant bomb public... >_>
It was $20, hardly a spec in my eyes, especially considering the information i hope to gain from getting access to the all important Open Beta....

I havent been able to get myself into the closed beta, tho i suppose that has something to do with my email when i signed up for closed beta (thegoldfarmer23 at hotmail dot com). I think they have something against hotmail accounts, probably alot of ppl spamming accounts for beta access or something *shrugs*.

If WAR turns out to be a good investment after ive checked out Open Beta.. i may quit wow/aoc/eq2/ao and join WAR to serve out my goldfarming days..

I have only to choose a good farming class.. more on that later tho

bbl farming

Lets clear something up

..Before i get started. A few.. misconceptions need to be cleared up about me and gold farming.
First of all, Gold Farming takes alot of skill.. and i am the best at it. Ok moving on..

1. Gold farmers, not to be confused with regular farmers, are players who stay online for extremely long hours and farm mobs for the purpose of selling the in-game money they accumulate for real-world money.

This sentence is mostly true, farming gold does take alot of time, but you have to understand that this sentence encompasess the noob farmers more than anything. For me personally, i dont farm gold for much more than about 15 hours a day, thats just how good i am, ya know i use my time wisely and im pretty good at it, its what i do, i farm gold. Also in this sentence is says that we sell ingame money for real life money... WELL YES, how noob would that be if i didnt? i mean i have dreams too you know and those dreams need money before they can become.. not dreams. ya know?

2. Gold farmers are commonly considered "greedy", and will frequently be labeled as a loot ninja, or act plain antisocial. Often they do not speak the native server language, or have only memorized a select few sentences, thus making it harder to effectively communicate with them in game.

Greedy anti-social loot ninjas? LOL! Pretty sure im getting gold FOR YOU NOOBS... also, pretty sure the title 'Anti-social Loot Ninja' sounds pretty sweet. Also i have MANY friends.. they just happen to pay me, only difference...

bbl farming