TheManWithNoPlan's Goty list 2017

Well, here's my game of the year list for 2017. A good number of these I still haven't finished and some pretty big titles are MIA since I never had the time to get to them (Wolfenstein is on here in spirit)

And so there's a bit of theatre to it, I've ordered the list 10 to 1 from the top to bottom.

List items

  • 10. Splatoon 2 is a delightful game. That is all.

  • 9. And we thought we'd never get another Bioshock game. (I mean that in the best way possible)

  • 8. I have a feeling this would be higher on my list if I finished it more than once. I only got two endings at the time of writing this (A and K)

  • 7. WHAT?! A vr game on a goty list? Honestly never thought I'd interact with other people this way. I've had some of the coolest experiences with games this year here in Vrchat.

  • 6. Such a mesmerizing game. The world here is not only visually rich, but the narrative is captivating.

  • 5. This guy's crazy! 2 Vr games is nutz. Believe it or not there's some good stuff for the platform these days. Robo Recall is probably one of, if not, the best. Hyper polished, endlessly replayable and one of the most satisfying action film power fantasy's you can experience.

  • 4. My Overwatch for 2017

  • 3.

  • 2. Bought a Switch just for this.

  • 1.Binged this game for two weeks and did little else in my free time.


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I've seen some twitch people play VRchat. That sure is.... something

Seems like Second life on Steroids.

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Nice list. The little I've seen of VRChat looks kinda amazing.

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@clagnaught: @slag: Never touched Unity or Blender in my life, but wanting to do cool stuff in that game made me learn. Very few games have ever motivated me that way before. I've seen a Titan colossus on a yacht (steam particles flew around everyone), a gabe newell shooting deals into the air with a chain gun around a campfire; discounts rained everywhere, and a group of giant rainbow bunnies dance around me, hand in hand, while I was in the mushroom kingdom. The stuff people do in vrchat is insane and I absolutely love it.