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This is the most fucked up thing.
I do not like this.

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Snail said:
"I think there are too many threads on SFIV...
....Isn't this the SFIV Forum??? :D

mubress said:
"You can unlock the characters by playing through on any setting and any round limit. But when you set it to 1 round on medium Seth plays like he does in the second round of a first to 2, so he's just as hard.

My advice on beating him on medium is (if u play as Ryu or similar) spam a few hadoukens of differing power and speed so its not too easy for him to jump over them. Keep your distance so he cant use his Dhalsim like low lunge, then when he teleports hit him with a low kick and then dragon punch him. If you've got any bars charged on your super go for an EX version. Don't bother waiting for a full super though (especially if you play 1 round as it won't have time to charge up fully), just use your ultra if you get the chance to.

Good to know - certainly makes getting the 'chevements a bit quicker. I'll try out that strategy tomorrow - I don't have the heart to try again today.
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Kratos81 said:
"Seth annoys me, he is no fun to play against. He is fucking cheap all he does is spam. I just put the game on 1 round easy to unlock all the characters. I dont see the point in playing against seth more then 1 round. You can get all the achievements/trophies playing that way. "
Do you unlock the "complete arcade mode on medium" acievement with the one round settings?  characters too? If so, freaking win!
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Thought It would be a good idea to put all stragegies in one place. I'm pretty noob at all this, so feel free to tell me I'm completely wrong.

I've been playing for the last hour and a half, as Ryu, to beat this sonovabitch and I've got his first "form" down. Basically, I do my spinny kick and spam some grabs when he gets up - I get about two out of him, before I retreat a bit and then go into it again.

The problem comes in his second form. I just really don't know what to do - I've tried the above strategy again, but he just keeps blocking or like reverses my grabs, which I didn't think possible. His sucky - literally - super move doesn't seem to be much of a problem

Playing on medium, I could probably handle it on easy, but why the hell would I? I don't get an achievement for that.

Also, I haven't seen anyone make the comparison between Seth and the arcade boss from DoA4 - both teleport, both are science experiments made from the collated data of world fighters, Both Teleport, both are Mr Manhattan Blue, both are gigantic cuntholes.

So please dump your strategies here and help some noobs out, please mention characters, specific moves, and ofcourse cheap moves against him :)