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Dragon Quest is pretty good.

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144210 Holy War Concept You can participate in holy wars in the Crusader Kings series. Hence its name. 01/03/21 04:13AM 6 approved
73427 Metroidvania Concept 11/10/19 06:23PM 2 approved
68559 Male Protagonists Concept Added AI. The main playable character is male. 10/03/19 06:34PM 2 approved
53983 Robot Protagonist Concept Says no androids. Androids have their own page. 06/12/19 12:06AM 2 approved
53801 Slime Monster Concept Slime and its variations are common enemies in Dragon Quest. They're a bit cuter than normal but still slimy blobs and monsters. 06/11/19 03:21AM 20 approved
53800 Slime Monster Concept Slime is a common demon/shadow in MegaTen 06/11/19 03:18AM 14 approved
53797 Shrinking Characters Concept Tiny Kong can shrink 06/11/19 03:17AM 2 approved
53796 Shoot the Backpack Concept Flamethrower guys with backpacks to shoot and explode. 06/11/19 03:14AM 2 approved
53795 Sentient Plant Concept Tree creatures attack you in the forest. 06/11/19 03:13AM 2 approved
53794 Segmented Creature Concept There are stacked machines that can have sections cut off of them, making them shorter but still functional. 06/11/19 03:12AM 2 approved
53793 Second-Person Perspective Concept Specific scenes with your playable characters are framed from the perspective of a hidden character. 06/11/19 03:12AM 2 approved
53792 Seasons Concept Seasonal weather is reflected in-game. 06/11/19 03:11AM 2 approved
53791 Roll Concept The main character has a roll move. 06/11/19 03:09AM 8 approved
53790 Robbery Concept 06/11/19 03:07AM 12 approved
53789 Roman Numerals Concept 06/11/19 03:06AM 8 approved
53787 Ring Out Concept You can win Goron sumo fights via ring out in Twilight Princess 06/11/19 03:05AM 2 approved
53786 Recycled Characters Concept Many of the characters in Majora's Mask are twists on characters from Ocarina of Time, with reused models. 06/11/19 03:04AM 2 approved
53785 Recurring Boss Concept Gilgamesh and Virgil 06/11/19 03:03AM 4 approved
53784 Rain Concept 06/11/19 03:01AM 14 approved
53776 Progressive Scan Concept A number of Dreamcast games natively supported 480p output via VGA. I've included a handful. 06/11/19 02:22AM 8 approved
53775 Licensed Game Concept NHL revoked rights to use their league branding and team names after brawling was included in NHL '92. EA only had access to the Player's Association license for 93. 06/11/19 02:19AM 2 approved
53771 Princess Concept Princess Peach enjoys competing for the gold. Brave Fencer Musashi has Princess Fillet. 06/11/19 02:10AM 14 approved
53769 Pirates Concept 06/11/19 02:06AM 8 approved
53768 Pig Concept There are pigs on Outset Island in Wind Waker. The main character in Cyberswine is a machine cop pig. Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts let you spawn in pigs. 06/11/19 02:00AM 10 approved
53767 Nocturnality Concept Many enemies only come out at night. Many of which are animals. 06/11/19 01:59AM 2 approved
53766 Multiple Endings Concept 06/11/19 01:57AM 2 approved
53765 Mounts Concept You can ride boars and moose 06/11/19 01:55AM 4 approved
53763 Merchants Concept 06/11/19 01:53AM 6 approved
53762 Mayor Concept DQXI has the Mayor of Cobblestone. Spider-Man has Norman Osborn. 06/11/19 01:52AM 4 approved
53760 Male Protagonists Concept 06/11/19 01:46AM 46 approved
53759 Load Bearing Boss Concept Each palace collapses after the main shadow has been dealt with. 06/11/19 01:44AM 2 approved
53757 Liberation Concept You free the elder from the evil dancing skeletons. 06/11/19 01:42AM 2 approved
53755 LGBT Concept At least one character, Operator 6O, remarks about their romantic interest in characters of the same gender. 06/11/19 01:40AM 2 approved
53753 Leitmotif Concept Emil, Kaine, Devola and Popola all have recurring musical themes attached to them. 06/11/19 01:38AM 4 approved
53751 Ledge Grab Concept 06/11/19 01:29AM 8 approved
53750 Ledge Crossing Concept Sidling along narrow ledges is an integral part of the Wind Waker experience. 06/11/19 01:28AM 4 approved
53749 Jump Concept The protagonist can jump. 06/11/19 01:25AM 2 approved
53748 Jump Concept Each of these games include jumping. Somehow, Drakengard 2 was already included in this list but not the other games. It's not relevant to anything, I just find it weird. 06/11/19 01:23AM 8 approved
53747 Jump Concept 06/11/19 01:22AM 15 approved
53746 Jester Concept DMC3's Arkham is an evil jester. DQXI's Sylvando proclaims himself a jester and performs in the circus. 06/11/19 01:19AM 4 approved