So Many Games, So Little Money

Why do games I'm looking forward to always come out in waves?
This just happened to me a few months ago.  After a holiday season where I didn't see as big as increase in my hours at work as I hoped, a number of games I wanted came out in quick succession of each other: Darksiders (which at that point, I had had reserved for well over a yeear), Dark Void, and BioShock 2.  A $180 month when I was lucky to be earning $50 a week from work.  That was my last great binge, and it took me some time to recover from it.
Things are looking up now.  Hours at work have gone up (I've worked more in the last 3 weeks than I did in first 3 months of the year), a timely tax return let me cover expenses and leave me with enough to spend on games, and the last few months have taught me to be more careful with money.
However, the upcoming months seem poised to test my willpower.
A number of games I've had my eye on are being released in the coming monthsr: Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Red Dead Redemption, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Halo: Reach...the list goes on and on and doesn't even count what games are inevitably going to be announced at E3.
Can I justify buying all these games when I know my finical situation can go back to being horrible at any time?  The answer is no.  Is that going to stop me from at picking up at least some of these games?  The answer is, again, no.  I'm a gamer through-and-through, and I know I'll pick up at least one "shiny new game".
I just hope I don't spend my rent on it.
Maybe if I'm lucky, people will actually start to buy some of my stuff on Glyde.  That would be nice. >_>;;