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Raven's take on the classic shooter is underwhelming. 0

I remember around E3 2008, when CEO of id software Todd Hollenshead appeared on Activision's press conference to announce Wolfenstein. Once he got on stage, he asked the audience to "get a little applause like [John] Carmack got at EA yesterday." Carmack had just announced id's Rage at EA's press conference the day before. Outside of that announcement, the only amount of publicity Wolfenstein got was being featured on an episode of GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. I am guessing that this gam...

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For Treyarch, third time is the charm. 0

When it comes to many game franchises I've played, such as ones I'm casually a fan of like Resident Evil, to ones I follow the story mythos heavily like Half-Life, there is one other franchise that I've been a fan of since the first game, and that's the Call of Duty franchise. I got into it way back when in 2004, when Call of Duty 2 was still in development. I recieved the Deluxe Edition Box Set as a Christmas gift, which featured the original Call of Duty and its expansion, United Offensive. I...

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Quantum of Solace is a half-decent James Bond game. 0

James Bond games always get a bum rap. Ever since 1997's Goldeneye hit the Nintendo 64, every subsequent Bond game has to be put up to those very high standards Rare made so long ago. As a result, these games are given unnecessary scrutiny because they cannot be judged on their own merits, they have to be compared to the most famous and popular James Bond game of all time. It's a bummer, really. But after Electronic Arts made about a dozen games based off the titular spy, some that were great an...

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One of the must-play games of the PlayStation 3. 0

The year is 2007. After probably sick of working with platformers (and one racing game) with an angst-filled elf-like character and his small wise-cracking animal sidekick, developer Naughty Dog decided to take their PlayStation 3 debut in a different way. Instead of making yet another Jak & Daxter title, they went for a more action-movie like game. The result is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The story starts out with Nathan Drake uncovering a lost diary of ancestor Sir Francis Drake, talkin...

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Not the best in its genre, but definitely ahead of its time. 0

Ritual Entertainment never got any respect. Sure, they never made games that won millions of awards, but what games they did release were fun and entertaining. Just after completing a Quake expansion, they start their first big solo project: SiN. A spiritual successor to Duke Nukem 3D, it was to be a first-person shooter with interactivity and partially dynamic level structure. All was going well for the team. Then Valve's Half-Life came into the fray. Publisher Activision decided to push the g...

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