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Homefront: The art of hyperbole 2

Homefront is an example of a beautiful deception that has become a practice standard within the video game industry through the art of hyperbole. Turning nothing into something is an interesting use of false words and excitement to trick people into doing what they otherwise would not. However,  it's also plaguing an industry that was once a stepping stone of innovation and technology. Why was Homefront such a disappointment? Let's find out:      Where Homefront fails the single player tries to ...

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God of War III: Kratos needs a spanking 1

The God of War series, as was mentioned in the main review of this page, is about epic battles within grand scale environments. And God of War III DOES NOT disappoint. In all honesty, God of War III felt like it was made by the David Jaffe team of the first game - which is saying alot. But the game doesn't go without flaws or annoyances. The most annoying flaw I found within the game is the inability to open treasure chests. Sometimes, but not all the time, Kratos will attempt to open the chest,...

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Worth a weekend rental 0

Honestly I'm trying to formulate words that best describes Saw: The Videogame without destroying it verbally, but there is nothing positive to say. To put it simply, this game sucks. I rented it because it looked good on Giant Bombs: Quick Looks. Unfortunately as the game progressed I slowly realized how shitty this game truly was. The story is forgettable, the combat is a joke, and the only thing that I enjoyed the most was the creepy atmosphere that surrounded the player throughout the game.  ...

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Was Ghostbusters: The Video Game worth the wait? 0

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is one of those rare licensed games that is so close to the source material, and yet the story by itself can hold it's own without the support of any of the movies with which the game derives from, all due thanks to the creative writing of Dan Aykroyd and Harald Ramis who penned the story for the game. To put it simply it's a fan's dream! You play as "Rookie" an unknown addition to the Ghostbusters team who tests out all of the prototype equipment that Egon creates....

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Grinding but yet fun 0

Infamous is a lot of fun to play but no game is perfect. Grinding is the name of the game for Infamous and the player will fight the same enemies and take on virtually the same missions via the side missions. The most frustrating "feature" of the game (if you want to call it that) is the ability to automatically grab onto things as Cole, the main character, is free falling off of buildings or jumping off of platforms. It's nice, sometimes, but since falling from great heights won't kill Cole why...

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God of war review 0

God of War II = Brilliant! That's it, thanks for reading.... I only jest. It's not often that a sequel is better than it's predecessor, with the exception of the Final Fantasy games. God of War II takes you on a journey of betrayal, hate, and ultimately revenge, as the determination of Kratos takes him back to Mount Olympus. I must say, though, that GOW II is far more difficult than the one before it. Especially towards the end. But overall it was a brilliant game with alot of memorable moments....

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Repetition drains the fun out of any game. 0

Assassin's Creed is one of those games that makes a person gitty with anticipation before launch. Unfortunately this title takes a step back in innovation. Sure the player can fight multiple enemies using many different methods - hidden blade for silent kills, or throwing knives and swords while fighting multiple, over aggressive, guards - but it's been done before in other games like God of War. Even collecting information about the next target before assassinating them gets old as Altair eaves...

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