recorded my first song with my new band

So i finally got done recording our single in my new band Furthest From Faith.

This is only demo version as it isnt fully mastered yet but im proud of it.

I am the vocalist.

It is Metal so if you dont like Metal you probably wont like it.

But for those that do like metal what do you think?

My personal favorite part starts at about 4 minutes in. I put a lot of emotion into that last minute and a half. (I know some people dont think screaming metal can have emotion but damnit, i did!)


training to be an MMA fighter #5

Sorry its been so long since i posted. My girlfriend left for the army monday morning and ive been pretty depressed.

Only real news is i have another fight scheduled. May 18th. He is a wrestler but prefers to stand and trade punches.

Thats all i know at the moment. Ill update more soon.


training to be an MMA fighter # 4 (the video)

well here it is. the video of my first fight. i looked like shit! jesus i dont know what happened. all the boxing i trained went out the window and i just grappled. well anyways yes i sucked. i know it. but everyone wanted to see it so here it is.

im obviously the smaller guy in the white shorts that gets his ass kicked. ill never fight a guy in a weight class above me again.


training to be an MMA fighter #3

i crashed my car on the freeway today. going 65. someone had a flat so pulled over. but not totally out of my lane. i wasnt paying enough attention. noone was hurt. but my back is killing me.

i still went in to train today. we got a new member. hes 2-0 in his mma career and hes 130 pounds. like me

we did only jiu jitsu but i beat him there. his stand up is better than mine. i know what i really need to work on.

i coudlnt do the workouts after because of my back though. ill see tomorrow.


training to be an MMA fighter #2

i will keep this short because i am tired as hell.

i went in and did jiu jitsu class. did a full hour non stop. then lifted weights. did 100 pounds dead lift sets. and then did 40 pounds circuits of about 8 reps in 8 different lifts. did that 6 times.

then did mma training for another 30 minutes. im sore.

tomorrow will be harder. mma grappling, lots of running and lifting, then full on mma sparring.


training to be an MMA fighter #1 (after my last blog series)

So go ahead and read my other blogs if you need but basically i did my first cage fight. I lost to a much stronger guy. I was way more technical but he was 20 pounds heavier and just strong as hell.

Ive decided to fight again. I really love doing it. But i must get stronger. I need mroe conditioning and body hardening.

New training schedule will be basically. Run 4 miles or so, do jiu jitsu, lift weights, then mma training. 5-6 days a week.

Ill post blogs randomly updating my progress.

I decided once i hit my goal weight of gaining 10 solid pounds of pure muscle while doing this cardio and mma training, i will do another fight.

Its going to be a long tough road. But i want to be really good at this. Not just mediocre.


training for my first MMA cage fight (results)

well i lost. i feel like a fucking loser. i let everyone down. i trained so fucking hard for this .

the dude was huge. we weighed in at 130. i fought at 130. he was over 145. and an asshole.

at the beginning of the fight i went to touch gloves and he slapped my hand away. then he hit me square in the temple.

i grabbed him and pushed him into the cage. i lifted him into the air with a single leg. but he was so tall i couldnt get his legs out from under him enough to take him down.

he hit me more in the ribs. i pressed him into the other cage and got a body lock on him. tried to take him down. he was so damn heavy. he threw me to the ground. i scrambled back to my feet.

ate some more punches. and locked up with him. he kneed me in the ribs 4 times. the 4th time hit my already fractured ribs.

i went down. fight was over.

im a failure. my trainer wants me to do more fights. i have decided not too.

physically i have a huge lump on my left temple that was bleeding and some cuts on my forehead.

and my ribs hurt pretty bad again.

nothing else to say. i wasted a ton of time training for this.

i feel awful.


training for my first MMA cage fight (the weigh ins)

it was crazy. there were cameras and people everywhere.

i weighed in at 127.8 he weighed in at 129.9

but he looked very dehydrated. im sure hes back up to 140 already today. we fight in 8 hours.

he was much larger than me. 3 inches taller and about 15 pounds heavier.

so when it comes time to weigh in he takes off his pants and is in a leopard print thong. no joke...

so im thinking hey hes a funny guy. so i try to joke around with him. and he chest bumps me and fuckin sticks his nose against my nose. giving me the meanest look he can. im like what the hell.... everyone else hugged and said good luck and shit after they weighed in. i get the asshole?

well i really hope i beat this asshole now. but like i said. hes big. and he had major cauliflower ears. which means hes grappled a lot. which was where i was hoping to have the advantage. he already has the reach advantage. we will see.


training for my first MMA cage fight (final training)

i fight in 6 days, so today was my last training session. Im on rest to make sure im not to sore or to banged up for the fight.

We went out to the park and did a 2 hour workout.

We ran a mile, did a mile of full sprints with tire running in between laps.

Then we did uphill stuff. Bearcrawls, lunges, duckwalks, gallops, and other hard leg workouts uphill.

Then we did upper body workout using the tires. Throwing the tires over our head up the hill, tossing them sideways, and pushing them flat on the ground up the hill.

Thats it guys. Ill post a blog on friday after the weigh ins. Then not again until i recover enough from the fight on saturday.

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