I'll beat you, I swear.

This is a list of games that I, everyday before I wake up, swear I will finish.  But the days go by, and they remain just a few hours shy of the end of the game.

List items

  • This is probably the epitome of what this list represents for me. This is my favorite Final Fantasy game ever, and also one of my favorite games of all time. This is also a game that I have played through almost 4 or 5 times. But every single time I reach Kefka's tower, I am stopped by some imaginary force of will and can't play onwards. My GBA version currently sits there mocking me while the SNES version from long ago as well as those save files on that PC in my high school's computer lab gnaw at my mind.

  • The Answer is probably the only game I've gone to great lengths not to spoil for myself despite how long I've left it hanging. And every time I promise I'll get back to it, some game with more immediacy demands my attention.

  • I'm currently 3 floors from Primeval. Yeah, never gonna get down there.

  • When you realize your gimmicky dark hunter, the only reason you've gotten past certain FOEs is being completely torn apart in the 6th Stratum, the only thing you can do is despair? What? Stop being so stubborn and change my party lineup? What is this blasphemy?

  • I'm in June of 1950. As communist China, I've gained complete control over the Comintern and Axis territories. But the US has also just nuked the hell out of me. I can be a man and admit defeat or pretend I still have a shot and let this game sit in limbo.

  • It was perhaps not a great idea to set my first map with this game as large as possible. Unlike the above titles where I can give a not so funny story over why I haven't finished it, man this game is taking a really long time.

  • I actually got into the MGS series fairly late, with MGS3 Subsistence. Having played that as my first title of the series, it was rather difficult going through the over head camera style of MGS2, and MGS1 was just really hard to go back to. I should finish up the game just for the sake of feeling better about myself given I really do love the series, but eh.

  • If you want a game with a difficulty imbalance, play Devil Survivor and choose either the Amane or Naoya ending for the first play through. It is neigh impossible without some serious grinding or opting for a different ending first. Maybe I'll replay it and choose Yuzu's ending first one of these days.

  • First things first. Raidou Kuzunoha is a fucking awesome character with sideburns of steel. Unfortunately, the Endurance Run made me desperately want to replay Persona 4 right when I was halfway into this game. Yes, this is totally Vinny and Jeff's fault.

  • Same issue I have with FFVI, though I've only hit almost endgame twice instead of the 5 times I've done so with VI. The fact that I no longer have the save file doesn't help my prospects of playing through it a third time.

  • This is the newest title to be on this list. And probably the only game on this list I've stopped playing due to sheer lack of interest. The characters aren't as good, and the writing and dialogue simply doesn't do it for me, the only reason I play through any of Bioware's RPGs in the first place. But I'm close enough to the end (I am knocking on Mother's door after all) that I'll finish it sometime in the drought of May.)

  • This isn't so much an issue of finishing the game one of these days, but rather buying the game one of these games. I played and finished WCIII and almost finished Frozen Throne when I went back to China back in the summer of '06, playing through my cousin's Chinese version of the game. I should probably buy it one of these days given the money I spend on far more innocuous things...

  • I'm pretty sure I'm on the chapter where you're officially locked into the true ending. Wonder where the disc for the game even is...

  • You little fucker just had to go and get stolen. You weren't nearly as good as everyone said you were, but I still wanted to finish you ;_;

  • This game technically doesn't belong on the list, but screw it. There is one play through of this game that is so soul crushing for me. I'm France, and having secured both Britain and the Iberian peninsula, my only opposition lie westward. Except by ignoring the call for Crusades, I let the the mongols get cities. So while I was taking my merry time crushing the Holy Roman Empire and Denmark, the Mongols were sweeping westward. Now they are on my door step and I don't think this is a winnable fight for me.