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The Turbo blog : Lan gaming edition

Well I guess instead of writing my essay I will make this blog post instead because it is waaaay more important than my future right ?

Anyway about 2 weeks ago I attended a multiplay PC gaming lan called Insomnia 45. It is basically a weekend of PC gaming, tournaments and drunken vague memories.

At the lan there are a number of tournaments played for games such as LOL,COD4, counter strike and Team Fortress 2 with cash prizes for first place. Loads of teams come from all over Europe too compete against each other.

Anyway now you have had some context I will get on with my experience of the lan.

Lan gaming in a nutshell
Lan gaming in a nutshell

I went to the event to support my old TF2 team (whoI played backup medic for) Elemental Violence.I've known these guys throughout my competitive TF2 life and get a long really well with pretty much all of them. (YES TF2 HAS A COMPETITIVE SCENE) It was awesome seeing all my friends at the lan. The team is made up of people from different parts of Europe. Norway, Denmark to name a few.

lan love
lan love

All the vods are on this youtube from their tournament games.

They entered the TF2 tournament at the Lan and got all the way to the final stage (which if you play TF2 as keen as us it is where you aspire to get). Sadly however they didn't beat Team infused who are one of the top teams in Europe at the moment. However they made it through the other teams which is a great achievement. I was with them through all the highs and lows. They came close to loosing so many times it kept me on edge all lan.

Here is one of their toughest games. You can see how stressed they are. But they made it through.

Look how much we love each other :D
Look how much we love each other :D

Followed by their victory :)

After their victory we all got Really drunk like we do every lan.

Ev's supporters
Ev's supporters

So it was an amazing event. I would recommend that if you get the chance grab your friends online or in real life and go to lan. It is a amazing experience which i really think everyone has a tonne of fun at.

I leave you with footage shot from the crowd at the finals

Catch you later duders :>


The cost of playing games competitively

First off let me say this is not one of those advice pieces. I am not waddling in self pity and need cheering up etc.  
No, this is a legitimate point i am trying to make. 
I play a shit lot of Team Fortress 2. I mean a really large amount. Sometimes over 200 hours in 2 weeks. I i don't just play on 32 man public servers. I play this game in the competitive format. Which is 2 teams playing 6v6 with class limits. 
After almost a year of this i decided to take a look on how much i accomplished in game and in real life. In game i have improved greatly going up the division fairly quickly. However in real life i have no job and because i play the game so much i did not take an  opportunity of going out with a girl i really liked.  
(Yet again let me stress this thread is not aimed at that.) 
Anyway the point i wanted to make is : How on earth to people who make a living off playing games balance things ?  
I mean i am in no illusion that i could quit everything and earn a living of playing Team Fortrress 2. The game is not very big at the moment. But you see these players who play quake and counter strike and they talk about how this is their lively hood. 
Have any of you played games to a level where you could earn a living and if so how did you manage real life ? 


The new and improved Guile Quest !

That is right GB the quest to perfect guile has begun once again .  I need to get better with this flattop wonder . So this is how I'll go about it :
I shall be updating this blog with several things :
1. New combos i have learned  

2.When and how to punish 

3. Matchups that i have trouble with 

4. Videos of my matches with my commentary on them 
Lets get it started with a few matches i recorded tonight .  

 many hardships are ahead ....
 many hardships are ahead ....

As you can see in the video i need to work on a couple of things . Mainly how the hell i fight Blanka and Akuma . 
Any constructive criticism  is welcome .
And remember GB Get hype !

Generate hype ?!

 Turbomonkey says go home and be a family man ...
 Turbomonkey says go home and be a family man ...
Got super street fighter 4 this morning on my way to Class . I pre-ordered it so i got this awesome guile tee shirt . 
Now i get to jump online and see how terrible i am as guile again :D 

Okay Duders i did it !

No Caption Provided
 I saw the Quick looks and it looked like the game for me 

I really have no idea how well this game is doing in the UK ...but from the sheer amount of copies on the shelves ..i dont have much faith .
Anyone from the UK got this game yet ?

The Thrills and Spills of playing the medic class ...


The Medic ..

 The medic thinks ...
 The medic thinks ...

Now since i started playing Team Fortress 2 i picked the Medic class . Its what i seem to do in class based shooters . I have this drive to play the class that supports the other players .  

Maybe it is becuase both my parents are doctors ? 
...maybe not as they are Doctors in clinical psychology 
But anyway i always play medics in some form or another . Team Fortress 2 has the most satiying medic class in any game i have played .  


- You get points for not how many kills you get but how well you heal your team 
- The medic has some fairly good weapons . The bone saw is a fucking lance in the right hands 
- Your fast and can move and the battlefield very quick 


- You are a massive target everyone on the enemy team will shoot at YOU  
- Its a thankless job . Your team mates will shout for a medic but not protect you if things go south . Also if anything bad happens its the medics fault . 
- SCOUTS !!!!! They are THE most annoying thing in competitive TF2 play . They are like ninjas and always , always kill you even with a pocket soldier sitting with you 
- No communication . If pople dont have headsets then your job is made about 5 million times ahrder . People think that medics and here their thoughts . 
These are just a few things that make the medics such a joy and a pain to play . 
now here are some tf2 screenshots of me being a medic 

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

350 hours as medic ...and Ive never looked back :D

I am a "Reformed " Fanboy ...

In my first ventures on the big scary world of Internet gaming forums i admit i used to suck Nintendos dick majorly . 
Have a look at my Gamespot profile ..

 These are my old reviews
 These are my old reviews

 This is probably the worst example of me ..
 This is probably the worst example of me ..

I like to think i grew up a little since then ...but i think everyone goes through the "fanboy" Stage .Well its been 4 years since then .
How about you guys ?

What i did this week (Baylis Blog) 6th February

No Caption Provided


-Well its been a long time since i did one of these blogs mainly becuase i have been fairly busy with College work . We are asked to run a TV studio for out course and are assessed on our ability to mange and produce content for the show . 
Here are some pictures of out (crude) set-up 
   I'm the dick in the middle hugging a duder
 I'm the dick in the middle hugging a duder

   Vision mixing booth
 Vision mixing booth

   Me on the main camera
 Me on the main camera

   The tech ...from the 90s
 The tech ...from the 90s
So basically i have been producing awful television content for the show here is a example of my work :
I am in charge of a group of 4 and i have to boss them around and make them do work basically . So its not so bad . 
-Also if you have followed in my previous blogs i am in the middle of editing my Drama production film for college . This is how far i have gotten .... 


-Got Mass effect 2 last Friday along with Assassins creed 2 . Both really solid games ...but drastically cut into  my Street fighter 4 training with Guile ....sorry Scooper :(
....well looks like this blog is over hope you enjoyed what you read and saw .

Community Fights

This is a arranged fight between me (Guile) and CptPanda (Bison) It was fairly one sided ...
Bison is one of my worst match-ups its that Damn head stomp . I also missed a bunch of opportunities in where i could have punished him but such is life . 

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