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Best of 2010

Turtlesauce: Best of 2010

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  • What is there to say that hasn't already? An immersive story combined with incredible gameplay makes for a GOTY contender.

  • Rockstar has done it again. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought riding a horse around would be so much fun.

  • Best first-person shooter of 2010. While Call of Duty provided a UT2003-like experience, DICE created a rewarding multiplayer that relied more on strategy and teamwork than twitch gameplay.

  • Not the best FPS of 2010, but a fantastic send-off for Bungie nonetheless. The tried-and-true Halo gameplay we all love, but with a huge graphical upgrade.

  • A sports game, I know. The rest of the Giant Bomb community shudders at the thought. With that said, this wasn't just a roster update, but a complete overhaul of the series. Plus, it has MICHAEL JORDAN!

  • Less game, more art. With a beautiful aesthetic and unforgiving gameplay, Limbo was one of the more challenging treats I got to play in 2010.

  • Another sports game? Blasphemy! Like NBA 2K11, NCAA 11 showed vast improvements in a number of areas. While not perfect, EA Tiburon is on the right track.

  • Technically released in 2009, I didn't play it until March 2010. It is what a dungeon crawler should be. At only $10, Runic Games may have been robbed. I know I got robbed, of time, that is.

  • Haven't played yet, but I will soon and I know it's going to be up there.