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Giant Bomb Quests are Awesome!

I was pretty surprised to see the new Giant Bomb Quests feature upon logging on this morning. For those who somehow stumbled upon this blog post before discovering the system, direct your eyes down to the bottom of your browser. 
See the neat experience bar at the bottom? You'll pick up XP for various tasks such as writing on your GB blog, starting topics, making wiki entries and viewing certain content pages. It's a unique concept for a website, and so far it works pretty well. 
I'm a pretty avid user of the site as it was, but my activity will probably spike a bit as a result of the new Quests. The crew has promised to add new ones on a regular basis (come on, Bombcast related quests), should be an interesting ride!


Downloadable Games are Awesome

I buy a ton of them, I've probably put in over $1000 into DLC. There's a stack of nearly 30 points cards on my desk, along with the occasional credit card fueled points add at 4am for overnight gaming. 
Especially with bigger titles like the Penny Arcade series, Shadow Complex and Battlefield 1943, there's a huge future for XBLA that I'm really excited to be a part of.