Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

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  • I don't own this game yet, but combine the 2 best games in one of my favorite franchise on of which is my favorite game of all time that I've beat 5 time (it's II) in HD what is not to love.

  • I watch the anime first despite that I had a great time exploring the world of Dangonropa, so much show I started reading the prequaly novel and I dont like to read books

  • While short on traditionally RPG sensibility this game nails South park like no outer


  • I like TT work and this was the better of the two game relied this year and hope they continue this property.

  • Fun fighting game that's simply to play and great for people who don't like fighters but love persona like me

  • I enjoyed this years COD, thats all I got.

  • Played a lot of this game for the first time this year on the vita had an amazing time despite the tarball preform issues

  • A good substitute for magic the gathering, when I'm getting out of magic

  • I like playing games I can use my music, so combine that with harmonix sensibility to rhythm it's a really fun on the go game