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Blazing Fire

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Big surprise, more games! :D

Picked up Dragon Quest V for DS since I wanted the arguably best game in the series.  I have always appreciated the Dragon Quest games, but I haven't ever been much of a fan.  I enjoy them every so often and I thought I'd pick this up.

Castlevania for NES was something I wanted since the Famicom cartridge version is about $100 and the only cheaper version is on the Famicom Disk System which is a system I don't plan on acquiring.  I play NES carts via an adapter and I actually finished the game for the first time ever and then finished it again with no lives lost.  Once you dismantle a game down to what you need to do to make it easy, even otherwise tough games like Castlevania are child's play.

Moon Crystal and Recca: Summer Carnival '92 are both NES reproductions that I had gotten from NES  Both are great games that never made their way to North America and are pretty rare.

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I was at Best Buy earlier in the week and decided I'd pick up Killzone 2.  I participated in the multiplayer beta last November and enjoyed it a good deal, so getting KZ2 was a foregone conclusion for me.  I should start playing it really soon.

Shortly after I received my shipment of Famicom stuff a few weeks ago, I just decided I would finally see if I could find a copy of Contra and as you can see, huge success.  This particular version is great because of all of the extra animation in the stages like the trees swaying in the wind on the Jungle stage, the falling snow on the Snow Field stage, and, my favorite, the pulsating walls and ground of the Alien Lair stage.

Finally got my hands on King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match and Samurai Shodown Anthology too.  KOF98UM takes the greatness of the original KOF98 and makes it better by adding characters that weren't in the original and also added the ability to combine elements from the Extra groove and the Advanced groove to create the Ultimate groove.  For example, my main team right now is Geese/Eiji/Clark with the Extra groove's dashing (as opposed to Advanced having a run), Advanced groove's rolling (as opposed to Extra having a side step), and Extra groove's self-charged super meter w/ a single stock (as opposed to Advanced having a typical super meter with three stocks).  This makes for a more interesting game in that you might want to play certain characters differently from others with a different mix of options.

Samurai Shodown Anthology is really great because it includes all six of the main games in the series and all are perfect conversions from what I can tell.  I'd say this is SNK's highest quality compilation yet for the PS2 that is.  This compilation is also available for PSP and Wii, but I've heard those are of pretty poor quality, along the lines of the North American only release of King of Fighters: Orochi Saga.  If that is true, then skip those versions because the KOF: Orochi Saga release was full of sound glitches and was inexcusably bad.