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I thought I should start writing reviews, but then I realized...

...that nobody would take them seriously. 
Here's a list of recent games I've played, and what I think I'd probably rate them:
Alice: Madness Returns - 5/5
Just Cause 2 - 5/5
Mass Effect - 5/5
Bulletstorm - 5/5
Fallout: New Vegas 5/5
Portal 2 - 4/5
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 4/5
Infamous - 3/5
Mass Effect 2 - 3/5
Fallout 3 - 3/5

Can you see the problem here? As far as the collective opinion of the world goes, every single one of these opinions is flat-out wrong. If I were to write these up, they would probably be instantly rated down because I'm obviously trying to be cool by being different. In my head (because I haven't written them yet) I could justify those scores very well, but who is actually going to take the time to give a shit when they see a 3 star review on something as highly regarded as Mass Effect 2 (Goddamn Game of the Year)
Is there anyone here who agrees with any of these ratings?