Disregarding Taste: A Weekly Blog About Blogs (Maybe...Who Knows)

So, taste is such a subjective thing. So when I ask for your support, trust and faith in me in this endeavor... I mean it.
I'm thinking that if you guys PM me your blogs, blogs which you feel convey your thoughts on a particular subject well and thougt out in a rational way (no typos), I could do a blog promoting them (as many as I see fit) and maybe so many of them wouldn't have to be linked to the forums (we'll see). 
It does not have to be about games, but make sure you feel that it is a good, solid blog or that it is your best work. Another idea, I've been tossing around in my head is that i'll have a weekly subject that you guys can blog about, along with a milieu of blogs on other topics like videogames (predominantly) along with music, movies, books, horseback riding, whatever. For instance, on the week of 9/9/09, I might ask you guys to blog about topics like what The Beatles have meant to you over the years or the Dreamcast (considering that it is the 10-year anniversary).
I aim to try and make it work, but then again I'm 90% sure it won't work (anybody remember Yesteryear? no?) without a ton of support. Can I rely on you guys or is this stupid?????