Disregarding Taste- The Scaled Back Edition

Disregarding Taste- The Scaled Back Situation

 First things first, you might notice that stuff has gotten scaled back. You also might also realize that nobody is going to read this either way. So anyway, here comes a new scaled back version of Disregarding Taste. Here's how it breaks down from here on out, for you guys and me. No extraneous sections, no unlimited amount of blogs just fifteen and some recommendations for people to follow for blog purposes (thanks designers!): 
- Six Blogs on Video Games (you may have heard of them) 
- Two Blogs on Film 
-Two Blogs on Music 
- Three Blogs on a Trending Blog Topic 
- Recommendations 

Trending Topic

Some people are pissed off over Infinity Ward's treatment of PC players. Others aren't. But these people felt the need to talk about the issue enough that they actually wrote a few  blogs (hint: they're not half bad). Check 'em. 
1. Gditz blogs about his feelings on the whole issue. He seems to think that PC gamers ultimately deserve to retain the more niche aspects of their PC gaming experience.   
2. ...as does mrhankey... 
3. ...as does Dragonseer...
What are your guys thoughts? Voice in the comments below.

Gaming Corner 

1. tokyochicken seems to disagree with Randy Pitchford. He said some stuff, and Mr. chicken provides a nice rebuttal in this blog. Curious as to what he has to say?  
2. Jeust blogs about the best horror games. Do you agree with his opinions? Disagree? Debate below...
3. Dude, yes! Read it, good stuff. Herein SnapdragonStew provides a series called IndyCircuit in which he provides some great blogging on indie games that he thinks are good. Isn't Kush doing something like this as well?? 
- Indy Circuit 
- Indy Circuit #2
4. demontium does some serious blogging. And they've all come out pretty well so far. Keep it up man!  
- Serious Blogging Episode 1 
- Serious Blogging Episode 2 
- Serious Blogging Episode 3
5. PartTimeNinja blogs about the game industry. He seems to prefer indie games or commercial games more and more nowadays. What are your thoughts?
6. lordofultima consistently blogs about SFIV very well. Now if only I could get into it in myself...

Movie Corner

 1. You know, RHCPFan24 seems to be the only dude really blogging about film. In any real capacity. And he write some great reviews, so please read them. Here is what he's written lately: 
- Where The Wild Things Are
- Drag Me To Hell 
- Zombieland
- Jennifer's Body 
- The Informant!
2. Blog about film more people! I suppose you could always check out Linkyshinks Rate The Last Film You Watched Thread...

Music Corner

1. The Phantomnaut reviews Converge- Axe To Fall for us. Seems pretty good... I might have to check this out.
2. Bruce blogs about music. Well. Songs of the Day, links to YouTube videos, in-depth reviews. And a couple of random pieces of shit. Either way, go check it out, the stuff is pretty good.

Cultural Corner

1.  macandcheese went on a trip. In Europe. And he blogs about it! Read on, he appears to be having good times.
2. ...dude reviews beer...yep... 

The Ushe...

 Here are some fairly regular bloggers. I'll add more! This is by no means complete...
Enjoyed? Didn't? Voice your comments and PM me feedback to make it better. Nothing's perfect.  :)