Another update? :O

Hello there guys, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and looking forward to the Christmas break around the corner. I have actually been doing exams recently but after I get them done, then I should be able to have full fun again. Despite doing exams, I have still been playing plenty of games both on the PC and Xbox 360.

The first game that I will talk about is a little game called Call of Duty: World at War and I bought the PC version because I actually preferred the PC version of the Beta when that was around but now I am starting to regret that decision. When I bought Call of Duty 4 last year for the PC, I loved it because it looked so amazing and it ran butter smooth on my PC but World at War has been poorly optimised and I can only hope that more patches come out to make the framerate a tad better. People may think I am bitching but performance over graphics anyday! Overall, I do like the game but it definitely isn't going to win any game of the year awards from me. I loved Call of Duty 4 and having a game just like that is up my street but I haven't been playing it recently because of that. The single-player while is decent, I do get a serious deja vu feeling when I am shooting away at Japanese soldiers. I have played through about 7 Call of Duty games now and all I can say is that they need to really overhaul the general design of, clear the enemies up ahead and move forward gameplay. It does help that the game does allow co-op play now up to 4 players which is a nice addition which was actually fully broken for the PC version as it was nearly impossible to get into matches and even if you did get into one, the lag was off the chart. That said, it seems that Treyarch have certainly improved their server support and lag doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. Another nice thing about the PC version only is that I don't have to play through the single-player campaign to unlock the co-op mode Nazi Zombies where you and a group of American soldiers are in a derelict building, fending off hoardes of the undead. It is a throughaway mode and it is clear that this was added in quickly to rival Left 4 Dead but still, it is nice that it is in there.
The multiplayer is as good as you would expect. I did get up to about Level 40 at one point but I actually got a Blue Screen of Death and I lost my rank, so I am only about level 25 or something now, I will play more someday just not at the moment.

Another game that I have been playing is another game that is comparable to Call of Duty is Quantum of Solace. This game is actually rather surprising as most film games are dog shit but this game was actually quite fun and the multiplayer was fast-paced and the community seems pretty solid. The main complaint that I have against the game is that the game is pretty generic gameplay wise, it is just a mix of Call of Duty and Gears of War and while this works well, it isn't exactly the Bond experience that many people would want. It is a good game though overall and I am going to go back through the game on 007 difficulty for achievement points and I will also play more multiplayer for the same reason. The multiplayer has plenty of modes and some are unique like Bond Versus and Golden Gun but everyone just plays Team Deathmatch, go figure.

Also, I have been playing Left 4 Dead recently but probably not as much as I should have. I did get the PC version of course, I think it is blasphemy to buy a Valve game for the console really and I recall that the console versions of The Orange Box didn't get the huge updates and improvements the PC version received. Valve have probably learned some lessons from that experience but still, I would rather stick with the PC version since I am probably going to get those updates for free instead of paying 800 Microsoft Points or whatever. The game itself is pretty awesome, the action is fast paced and the weapons are nice and satisfying. It would have been nice if there were more weapons no doubt, having just the Uzi, Shotgun, Auto Shogun, M16, Sniper Rifle and the Pistol becomes repetitive and all I want is really more things that shoot bullets! But Left 4 Dead is a great game but I don't think it is very long lasting as the game is only under 4 hours long and the game isn't very replayable usually because killing zombies can get old after a while.

Yesterday I bought another Steam game called The Ship and I do remember playing this around two years ago when Steam announced a free weekend for the game and I actually really enjoyed the game but I never got around to buying it but I did because my friend started to play it and all of the good memories came back to me. The game is like a mix between Hitman and The Sims and it is a multiplayer game. The main mode is Hunt where you are giving a contact to eliminate but while you are trying to kill this person, someone else on The Ship is trying to kill you. It is gimmicky and a great idea and it's fun though it can be annoying here and there but its worth $20 I reckon.

And Gears of War 2 is great, they refined the shit out of it!

See ya guys later