Decisions Decisions

I, like many Giant Bomb users, am super hyped about Borderlands. I've got it coming in the mail and should be at my house tomorrow, but I'm torn between the four characters. I've read many reviews and scoured the web for a more in depth look at each character, but can't seem to find enough information on em'.
So at the moment I'm thinking Mordecai because his sniping and overall appearance, but from what I've heard the enemies will more than likely just charge at you. So sniping doesn't seem very practical....
Then there is Lilith who I originally wanted to play because "phase walk" seemed to be a stealth maneuver, and any ninja-like archetype is my first choice. But looking more into her abilities, they seem more geared at elemental damage instead of stealth.

I don't know though, something tells me I'll end playing Roland....


Daft Punk's Included?

Who else was sold on DJ Hero when they saw the Daft Punk article?
I'm officially excited for this game, if only the "Collectors Edition" came with one of those awesome Daft Punk Helmets...


The Good Ol' Republic

I made the mistake of spending a few minutes watching the new-ish videos on Star Wars: The Old Republic.
I'm no fan of MMO's, I played Galaxies for a bit, but that's it.
The Old Republic looks absolutely awesome.
Mass Effect like dialogue/cut-scenes- check.
Unique Art style/setting- check
Bad ass character classes- check
I'm anticipating this game like no other.


The truth and nothing else

I recently made a comment on that firefighter game quick look about Brad's inability to play games well.
I would like to now bring forth the truth, and nothing else.
Giant Bomb needs Brad. His writing is distinct and creative. His contributions to the bomb-cast are thoughtfull.
So, without further ado, I am sorry Brad. Your the shit.

Anyone else who feels the need to blog their apologies to Brad, feel free to comment.


More like that...

I'm still playing the hell out of fallout 3 and during my travels I stumbled upon a neat quest.
The Nuka Cola Challenge
I loved the tour of this eccentric girls Nuka Cola collectibles, it gave  the character  an "edge" that so many other quests/characters lacked. 
If they (the developers) had put a scripted event or some believable characters elsewhere such as Paradise Falls; it would have worked wonders on some of the stale 
pieces of Fallout 3.


Ghetto Dope

When deciding what you want to do with your life, (specifically your career) should you....

1. Do what you love, even if it doesn't pay well? 
2. Choose a profession to pursue, in order to make good money?  (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

Nothing like a warm bowl of fried rice....


Any ARMA 2 Optimizations?

I have a high-end computer, (GTX 260, Q6600, etc.)
But can't seem to hit a solid frame rate in ARMA 2, preferably high thirties- mid forties.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.