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A solid, well-rounded RPG with a diverse cast, hampered by clunky, though interesting, combat. 1

Ikenfell is a tactical role-playing game with a strong emphasis on character interaction, mystery, and environmental storytelling. While the pacing of some elements are slow or inconsistent, the quality of the constituent parts shines through to provide a remarkable, notable game.The story moves at a brisk pace, driven forward by a trio of intriguing mysteries: What happened to your sister? Why is Ikenfell in lockdown and disarray? What is the nature of this world's changing magic? These core co...

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A concise, engaging RPG that serves as a palatable reform, not a thorough revolution. 3

The Outer Worlds was my first successful foray into the world of open-world RPGs. Usually, they are simply too much game for me, and I tend to drop off once I tire of the gameplay. But when I learned that The Outer Worlds would exist at a smaller scale, I decided to climb aboard -- though I'd be lying if I said the price didn't help usher me onto the ship.I'm glad I gave it a shot. The Outer Worlds is a game full of interesting characters, intriguing environments, and solid dialogue. From start ...

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