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PS4 Day One

I didn't expect to get it on Friday, they never sent me an email that it had shipped, it just showed up around 2pm, nice surprise.

I brought it home, and unpacked it, everyone has seen a bunch of these videos at this point so I won't go into detail other than to say, a it's weird that they changed so much about the packaging,

a) there is a thin cardbord box that the real console box comes in, it looks exactly the same, I thought they did it to add french to the box for some stupid Quebec/Canada rule, but the inner box had the french bs on it too.

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b) the packaging seems kind of cheap, I'm not complaining, but it seems kind of odd no styrofoam, it just didn't have the new thing smell.

c) the box is oddly large, the PS4 is marginally smaller than the PS3 slim yet the box is almost twice the size, it's long and thin, I think it will be hard for retailers to display them properly without the boxes tipping over.

When I got home, I set the PS4 up using the PS3 cables, I didn't want to use the included HDMI cable in case there was some issue with that, it's working fine, but the cable in oddly loose in the port on the console, I've never had one that wasn't completely tight before, I'll be watching that, but it's never going to move so I don't anticipate any problems.

The setup process was extremely easy, I logged right into PSN and the update had already started downloading in the background probably from the exact moment I had initialized the network connection as it was already at 30% by the time I accepted the eula which was all of about 30 seconds.

The interface is a bit sparce, everything that was in your face on the PS3 is hidden in the setting menu, probably a good thing.

I really liked that it shows you a progress bar for the games you are downloading right on the main bar.

Doesn't look like you can watch Twitch streams that aren't coming from PSN.

Their internet browser is much better, it's usable, it has tabs, it doesn't work with Giantbomb's videos arggg!

I don't like that hitting the PS button on the controller doesn't give you the option to turn off the game, it's something to get used to.

Where the hell is Home? Home was the most insanely stupid thing on PS3 that nobody ever talked about, I'd go in there about once a year and see what was going on, more terrible music, more tweens talking about the most insanely stupid things, I have no idea why Sony created it in the first place, now I'm disappointed to see it go.

The PS camera is actually really good, it works better than my kinect ever did, though I haven't had much to test it with.

The Vita remote play is really good, I played Resogun on my Vita for about 30 minutes, it worked flawlessly.

Resogun is pretty hard, I didn't appreciate that at all watching the quicklook, Brad playing it so well while talking to people is rather impressive to me now.

The speaker on the controller creates a neat sound combination between it and your tv, bit of a surround sound effect, it was interesting.

Overall good stuff, I just need to get some games now.