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I played Gods of Warses

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I spent the last month finishing all six God of War games.

Didn't think any of them were spectacular but I can understand the reverence some people have/had for this series.

What struck me most was how similar these games felt to the Uncharted series that I've been playing for years and that God of War did it first.

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For most I played the updated remasters, graphically they all hold up fairly well, the minotaur boss in the first game looks pretty terrible, and the first PSP game Chains of Olympus looks really bad, it's amazing how much better Ghost of Sparta looks in comparison.

The balancing beam ceiling in the first game; who thought that was a good idea...

The absolute low point in the series for me was the Zeus battle at the end of 2; it was long and it wasn't interesting like the Ares fight from the first game, and to cap it off I'm absolutely positive that there is something wrong with the quicktime event to finish the fight in the HD version, the only way I was able to get through it was to guess the prompts because there was no time to actually react properly.

3 overall was a bit of a downer, not enough action, too much standing around talking.

Ghost of Sparta was the biggest surprise, I had low expectation going in but it was a return to form for the series.

Ascension being the latest game, looked the best and was the most polished but it had the least interesting story in the series. Whoever thought it was a good idea to add multiplayer was wrong.

If you are thinking about completing this task like I did, the only thing I'd change is to play the two PSP games back to back, going between the PSP control scheme to PS3 and back again was really bad.

The one thing I was worried about doing this was getting the Kratos burnout that people seem to have, I didn't get that at all, if anything I'm more excited for the new game.

P.S. Dan is in one of the bonus videos for Ascension where they reveal the multiplayer to the press.


Gaming Furniture

Comfortable just looking at it
Comfortable just looking at it

I did a mini renovation to my house last summer and part of that was a major clean up and throwing out a lot of junk; including all of my cheap busted living room furniture; 6 months later and I still haven't replaced any of it and I've been sitting on the most uncomfortable wooden Ikea office chair.

I've always been a couch guy, but I can't seem to find one that is long enough for 6'3" me to comfortably stretch out on that isn't also a $3000 sectional that looks like trash.

The one thing that my Ikea office chair has done well with is VR; being able to to sit and freely spin about has worked well for some VR games, so now I'm looking at recliners that swivel. Last night I started to look around at what is available online and read lots of great thinks about Ekornes and Fjords, found out where they were sold locally and went for a sit; damn is furniture ever expensive, I had no idea, nice recliners seem to start at $1800 and can very easily get into the $4-5k range for a chair. The Ekornes Admiral chair may be the most comfortable thing I've even sat on in my life but I'm not sure I could ever justify the price.

So now I'm still sitting on my wood but I'm full of supple leather dreams, what to do...

What are you sitting on?


Two things

First, a question: I finished the main quest line last night; it seemed a bit abrupt and no credit roll... do you have to complete the side quests to complete the game? It felt kind of bizarre where they left it.

Second, a tiny rant: I had zero issues playing this game over the last week

on my PC;

my AMD PC,

my 3 year old PC.

I understand that everyone has a different setup and will in turn have a different experience, but In this case my setup should have had the most problems yet somehow I had none; the only conclusion I can draw from this is that the launch issues that made this game infamous and still haven't been patched and are preventing this game from being sold, were blown completely out of proportion and I think this is a dangerous road to go down. It wasn't that long ago that many developers refused to develop for PC; now I can understand why they would feel that way and I worry about it happening again.

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I think people need to give this game a fair shot on the PC


Going back to the MMO

I quit World of Warcraft in 2010 after playing for roughly 9000 hours over a 6 year period; that sounds like a lot of time and it was, but I literally played no other videogames at all over that time frame and I'll bet atleast 30-40% of that time I was AFK making diner or watching a movie while the game ran.

This isn't me going back to WoW; I'll never let myself get sucked back in like that again; but I did buy Star Wars: The Old Republic back when it came out and it has been sitting on my shelf staring at me all these years, and with the new movies ramping up I have an overwhelming urge to get into Star Wars stuff so figured now is the time.

First off I played the beta for SWTOR for all of about 2 hours and hated it, it was just a goofy space WoW knockoff that didn't offer anything new or interesting. I still think that was true at the time, but my experience with the current game has been much better for one single reason I can identify. I don't know when Bioware made this change, but in the game right now, they have tuned the leveling progression to 100% match the completion of the main story line. There is no more need to grind out inconsequential busy work missions, just play the story and you will make your levels and get your gear.

I honestly can say that the way the game stands now, it is pretty much KOTOR 3 with 8 distinct stories you can play which I think is pretty much what everyone wanted in the first place.

The only catch is that you have to subscribe to get the enhanced leveling experience, the game comes with a one month subscription, I made it to the end of the story in roughly 50 hours so I think with that 1 month you could easily get 1-2 stories done and pay for a few more months if you'd like more.

Other things I enjoyed:

The dungeons that contain story content can be run in solo mode, you get some interesting boss battles with an AI tank/healer paving the way for you.

The companions are actually very helpful and each one you get through the normal story progression brings a lot of new gameplay possibilities to the game.

Things that I didn't enjoy

The game seems really empty before you hit the level cap, there are so many different planets and areas that you rarely see other people at all while you are leveling.

The combat is very much traditional mmo combat, waiting for cooldowns on all your abilities, I don't think the combat in KotOR 1 or 2 was very good either so not really a deal breaker but it doesn't compare to say Mass Effect.

There is an overwhelming amount of stuff to this game, I figured with the amount of time I played WoW I'd acclimate to this game fairly easily, but there is a lot of stuff that I just haven't figured out and don't care to.

I think this game has come a long way and its a good single player experience now for subscribers and anyone can jump in and give it a shot for free now.


Dexter, the final two seasons

This weekend was the first one I've had with absolutely nothing to do in a very long time and all I wanted to do was play Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, I was all set to start playing Friday night following UPF, but while UPF was happening I noticed that Netflix had added the last two seasons of Dexter and my plans suddenly changed.

I really enjoyed the first six seasons of Dexter, each season brought new interesting characters and new exciting situations, Dexter was right up there with Breaking Bad in my opinion, with the added benefit that everyone at work was watching the show so you could actually have conversations about it, nobody I knew actually watched Breaking Bad which was a shame.

Season 7 and 8 were absolute let downs, actually they were completely terrible in comparison to what had come before.

Ray Stevenson was great (watch Rome) but entirely underused, Yvonne Strahovski was great in Chuck, but really terrible here, I don't think it was her fault, her story line was just bad. Really the entire storyline for the last two seasons was ridiculously bad, Debra was an interesting character throughout the series became a completely unbelievable character following her discovery of Dexter's second life, everything she did following that moment was idiotic, she suddenly went from a great supporting character to a unrepentantly awfully written lead. I'm sure if I was ever put in that character's situation, I would be a complete wreck and have no idea what I would do, and that's sort of fun to think about; but the amount of flip flopping she did and complete 180 changes in direction that character made were moronic.

The Dexter character also slowly fell apart over the course of the last two seasons, really everything he did in the last season was completely unbelievable, the same problem as his sister, flip flopping on everything, completely indecisive in every regard, which lead to almost zero meaningful story or character progression through the entire final season. It was pretty clear that the writers where just trying to set up the end to the series, and it probably wouldn't have been so bad if the payoff wasn't the worst ending to a series I can even think of, I'm not usually a fan of most series sendoffs, I thought Battle Star Galactica was pretty bad, Breaking Bad was merely ok; Dexter had the most hokey, stupid ending I could even imagine.

I don't know if it was the 2-3 years between my binge watching of the first 6 seasons and the last two, but I really can't think of a greater break in quality in any TV series I've ever watched, it's really quite something for a series to fall so hard on it's face in the final stretch like this one did.

TLDR: Dexter is great; but only watch seasons 1-6, there is nothing but sadness and confusion after that point.


Resume from the other side of the desk.

I'm in the process of hiring a new employee and I thought I'd share some observations on the resumes I'm getting, in the hopes that it may help some people.

Everything I'm going to say should be taken with a grain of salt, not every company is looking for the same types of people/have the same criteria by which you will be judged.

I put the ad up on Tuesday afternoon, so far I've received 215 resumes, this is for a $14/hour entry level office assistant.

44 of those went straight into the garbage

7 resumes were sent from international sources, UAE, China, India, Vietnam, an interesting thing about these resumes, every single one of them included a picture of their face on the resume, not a single other local resume had a picture, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

25 of the other resumes were again people that were too far away, sure they were in my country, but saying that you are willing to drive 2 hours a day for a $14/hour job is unrealistic.

The other 12 that were trashed had egregious spelling errors, I even received one that was a typed resume partially edited by pen and scanned...

Of the rest, there are about 20 resumes that are worth looking into; how did I pare down 170 to 20? I'm wondering what you may think of this but the majority of these resumes had no experience, and I advertised it as such and that isn't an issue, but the majority of these resumes where from people aged 18-25 and not a single one of them stuck with a job for more than a year, I'm seeing people that graduated in 2009 that have had 5-7 jobs in the last 4 years, that's crazy, do you know how bad that looks on a resume, I'm looking for people that will stick around, I know people don't do the 35 years at the same job thing anymore, but you should be aiming at 3-5 years in my opinion unless your dream job suddenly presents itself.

Those 20 that I'm digging into now have all been able to keep a job for more than 3 years and that's as far into it I've gone.

Other observations

-More than half of the resumes were from university graduates and almost all of them had some post secondary education.

-I had the resumes sent to a gmail account, if you have a google+ page, you may want to look into what's on it because it adds a picture of you to your email, there was one girl that I ended up excluding because she looked like a stripper.

-There are about 50 resumes that I haven't been able to open, I didn't get rid of them yet, but you should be doing everything you can't to make it easier on whoever may be looking at your resume, PDF or Word, they are the standard, don't send a RTF file

-References available on request? many people just include this on the resume, I'm not sure why you'd hide it away.

-One guy did his resume in comic sans...

-People that went to schools I attended or were from a neighbourhood I lived in I spent more time looking at, I'm not sure that that moved anyone from the no to yes pile, but you should put that info on your resume, many people didn't.


PS4 Day One

I didn't expect to get it on Friday, they never sent me an email that it had shipped, it just showed up around 2pm, nice surprise.

I brought it home, and unpacked it, everyone has seen a bunch of these videos at this point so I won't go into detail other than to say, a it's weird that they changed so much about the packaging,

a) there is a thin cardbord box that the real console box comes in, it looks exactly the same, I thought they did it to add french to the box for some stupid Quebec/Canada rule, but the inner box had the french bs on it too.

No Caption Provided

b) the packaging seems kind of cheap, I'm not complaining, but it seems kind of odd no styrofoam, it just didn't have the new thing smell.

c) the box is oddly large, the PS4 is marginally smaller than the PS3 slim yet the box is almost twice the size, it's long and thin, I think it will be hard for retailers to display them properly without the boxes tipping over.

When I got home, I set the PS4 up using the PS3 cables, I didn't want to use the included HDMI cable in case there was some issue with that, it's working fine, but the cable in oddly loose in the port on the console, I've never had one that wasn't completely tight before, I'll be watching that, but it's never going to move so I don't anticipate any problems.

The setup process was extremely easy, I logged right into PSN and the update had already started downloading in the background probably from the exact moment I had initialized the network connection as it was already at 30% by the time I accepted the eula which was all of about 30 seconds.

The interface is a bit sparce, everything that was in your face on the PS3 is hidden in the setting menu, probably a good thing.

I really liked that it shows you a progress bar for the games you are downloading right on the main bar.

Doesn't look like you can watch Twitch streams that aren't coming from PSN.

Their internet browser is much better, it's usable, it has tabs, it doesn't work with Giantbomb's videos arggg!

I don't like that hitting the PS button on the controller doesn't give you the option to turn off the game, it's something to get used to.

Where the hell is Home? Home was the most insanely stupid thing on PS3 that nobody ever talked about, I'd go in there about once a year and see what was going on, more terrible music, more tweens talking about the most insanely stupid things, I have no idea why Sony created it in the first place, now I'm disappointed to see it go.

The PS camera is actually really good, it works better than my kinect ever did, though I haven't had much to test it with.

The Vita remote play is really good, I played Resogun on my Vita for about 30 minutes, it worked flawlessly.

Resogun is pretty hard, I didn't appreciate that at all watching the quicklook, Brad playing it so well while talking to people is rather impressive to me now.

The speaker on the controller creates a neat sound combination between it and your tv, bit of a surround sound effect, it was interesting.

Overall good stuff, I just need to get some games now.


Changing tastes and standards

At the start of last year and every other year since 2009 I've had this plan that I was going to play through all of Telltale's games, I bought the bundle on Steam in 2009 and I keep buying their games when they go on sale for no particular reason, I always get one episode or less done then I can't stand it anymore and the dream dies.

Now after finishing the Walking Dead, my resolve to complete this foolish quest is stronger, I finished episode 2 of Strongbad last night, and I'll be goddamned if it wasn't the worst game I've ever played. I've never seen the source material and surely much of my hate for this game stems from that, but that is not all of it, all throughout the Bone series and the first 2 Strongbad's, the puzzles defy logic, everything seems more based on trial and error than any sort of reason or problem solving skill. How is that any fun? it's like playing a shooter and not knowing where to fire, just shoot at everything until you win, terrible story and terrible game design, what else do you have? control, ya, that's Telltales strong suit...

Why am I writing this? HOW THE HELL did this game get mostly positive reviews? Ryan gave it a 3/5 and every single user review here was 3/5 - 4/5, when you compare that to the standards that we all have now, 4 years later, it's completely insane, how did standards change so much? It's not like in 2008 games were bad and It's not the case that games coming out now are so much better, so what are we left with? Change in what we expect, there are seriously people that gave The Walking Dead, Assassin's Creed III, and Mass Effect 3 1/5, I know it's stupid to compare and argue about review scores but if you have people that are so out of touch you may just as well do away with scores all together because they clearly aren't serving any useful purpose.

Please tell me these Telltale Games games get better soon...


Rant about passwords

It seems the older I get the more passwords I have to remember; between work and personal I'm at about 45 that I use on at least a monthly basis.

Now for the rant; it really pisses me off that every single place you go now seems to be developing different and more complex password standards; and on top of that the most idiotic places often have the most requirements; my gas card online statement requires capitals, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and it has to be changed every 90 days, you know what someone could do if they figured out my password? look at my fucking gas purchases, that's it, who cares. Something Awful accounts are just as bad, 12 digits, letters, numbers, blah blah blah. Most of the people I know have started writing down their passwords and leaving them at their desks, SECURITY HELL YEAH! I can't wait for that day I can go to Bestbuy and get Iris scanner 3000 for all my security needs.

I've had my same bank pin for 25 years, maybe I should change that...


Steam Greenlight highlights

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I've seen everything that Steam Greenlight has to offer, here are they are

The Best: Routine; survival horror based on 80's sci-fi, easily the best graphics and trailer out of everything up so far, day one buy for me.

Incredipede; Grow as many legs as you need! Looks a bit like World of Goo, but that's not a bad thing.

Other games that look promising:

Submerge underwater 16 player RTS

Pitiri 1977 RPG/platformer set in the 70s

Neocolonialism Destroy the earth in the most boring way possible, count me in; seriously.

Mcpixel everyone here should know this game, get it on Steam!

Octodad ...

There were a few games that I'm hopeful for, but they could easily go either way:

Kenshi An open ended, open world, sandbox RPG; sounds alot like a single player Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided which could be great or really bad.

Saturday Morning RPG hands down the best concept in the whole greenlight catalog, best concept I've heard in awhile in general, but the art is god awful in the game as it is, the whole game looks really rough, hope they don't rush this, it could be great.

Pro Wrestling X: Uprising again, this game looks really rough and I'm not really a wrestling fan, but the guy says he's trying to make it like the classic N64 wresting games and those were just good games period.

In Verbus Virtus completely voice controlled game, probably going to suck, but it's definitely something new on PC anyway. Graphics look to be pretty good quality and stylewise.

Project Zomboid Zombie sandbox, overhead perspective, looks interesting, pure survival. I think this is the highest rated game in greenlight now at 5%.

Now for the worst:

La guerre des galaxie MS paint / cut and paste your way to a game.

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