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Two things

First, a question: I finished the main quest line last night; it seemed a bit abrupt and no credit roll... do you have to complete the side quests to complete the game? It felt kind of bizarre where they left it.

Second, a tiny rant: I had zero issues playing this game over the last week

on my PC;

my AMD PC,

my 3 year old PC.

I understand that everyone has a different setup and will in turn have a different experience, but In this case my setup should have had the most problems yet somehow I had none; the only conclusion I can draw from this is that the launch issues that made this game infamous and still haven't been patched and are preventing this game from being sold, were blown completely out of proportion and I think this is a dangerous road to go down. It wasn't that long ago that many developers refused to develop for PC; now I can understand why they would feel that way and I worry about it happening again.

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I think people need to give this game a fair shot on the PC