kotorstrife's 2011 G's OTY

I spent many restless nights tossing and turning over how to present my 2011 games of the year. Why's that? Well, I didn't even complete enough games released in 2011 to formulate a list. For me, it was a year dominated by the past. A game released in 2003 is the best game I played in 2011. I find that a telling testament to the quality of Star Wars: KOTOR. Others, such as Black Ops, Castlevania, and Enslaved, were released in 2010 but consumed a considerable bulk of my gaming hours in 2011. What I ultimately decided to do with this list is rather than ham-fist the few 2011 releases I played into a pitiful portrayal of my year, I would consider every game I played this year regardless of its release date. With that in mind, I feel a sincere sense of liberation and proudly present the best games I played in 2011. Enjoi!

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