Starfox the Animated Series (???)

This came to mind when I was talking about random geeky things with my room mate. There have been a long stream of cartoons based on popular video  game icons but I'm left pondering why we haven't seen a series based on the Starfox franchise.

We've seen cartoons about Mario, Zelda, and Sonic had gotten quite a few various series. So why hasn't Starfox been given a try? It can't be due to the material. A team of ace pilots traveling the galaxy and fighting to protect it. That's ripe with potential. Arguably, the other video game cartoons are based on concepts with very little, or even no plot at all.

Granted, the Starfox franchise can't really be considered top ranking in the Nintendo line-up. However I've never heard anyone really complain about its existence. So is it Nintendo that for some reason doesn't like their own character very much? They can't hate him too much if they thew various Starfox characters into the latest Smash Brothers, or is that not a good example...

I'm just left wondering why there's been no effort, at least as far as I know, to take the Starfox series into the animated world. Surely with some decent artwork and writing it could do well among gamers and non-gamers alike.


PS3 Zombies? Or 360 Zombies?

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Dead Rising 2. However, I find myself wondering which system would be best for the game. On the one hand I'm trying to increase my PS3 library and personally I find the PS3 to be a stronger system. On the other hand the 360 will get the Prequel/Demo sometime before the release. It's a chin scratcher for sure.