A Grieving Fan of Ryan Davis

Today was a very sad day for me, much like every other member of this community. I received a text from my best friend Jimmy (who also introduced me to this site a few years back) explaining the sad news of Ryan Davis' passing. I looked up the site from my phone and it verified what he told me. I was shocked. For the rest of the day I was stuck at work, and I was unable to explain to my co-workers why I looked so sad. It is kind of silly explaining how a really awesome guy from this video game website who suddenly is gone is the reason you are tearing up during your lunch break. The loss of any celebrity you appreciate and follow always has a sting to it. I was a huge Sopranos fan, and the recent passing of James Gandolfini was tough, but not like this. The only reason I bring this up is because Ryan was putting himself on the site. We all got to know who Ryan was, we all knew what was going on with his life to a certain extent. He was not just a big movie star, or politician, or athlete. He was a human being we could connect with on a personal level. I noticed in the comments that a lot of people shared the same sentiment. Is it embarrassing to feel loss and emotion over someone you have not even personally met? Of course not, because while we never really met Ryan, we all knew him as a person, not as a character or a stat on a scoreboard. Although I guess technically we are considered "fans" of Ryan, the sadness I have felt solidifies the fact that we were all true friends of Ryan. I am not ashamed that I cried today, and I am not ashamed to consider myself a friend of every Giant Bomber. Rest in peace Ryan. I will miss you.


Black Friday

All I got was Battlefield 3, and I am happy. I think this is the first time I actually bought something for Black Friday ever. I can't wait to play it. Best 30 dollars I ever spent.



Currently I have been playing Skyrim on the PS3...and I am aware of the issues people are complaining about. My gamesave is about 7000mb, and I have noticed some lag. I was advised to sleep for 48 hours in game...apparently it resets the game and removes dead npcs and random items left around. It has helped, so I do it every so often. I am currently a level 19 female Nord, with a emphasis on archery and two handed weaponry. I am currently doing the Companions strand of quests...after that I will finish the civil war quests.
The other game I have been playing is Final Fantasy X-2...what a great game. I remember attempting to play this years ago and I did not like the aesthetic of the game...i thought the J-pop girlishness was annoying...but beyond the cheesy intro...this game is fantastic. I'm really getting into it and I hope I can finish it %100.
On the Netflix i have been watching High School of the Dead, an anime about high school kids surviving a zombie apocalypse. It is over the top, hyper sexual to the point of absurdity, and all around awesome. The characterization is great, and I really can't wait for the second season.
I also just started watching the Astonishing X-men motion comic, which is really good. I am actually impressed by the animation. 
Well, this is just an update of what I have been up to. I might buy some games Black Friday, so if I do I will blog about whatever I get.