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Los Amigos del GigaWyvern

Esta es una lista del amigos poderosos del GigaWyvern

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  • From the ruins of a mystical land on GS was where I located this fellow for the first time. It was an event of sizeable exuberance, one which would shape the future world with such magnitude that not even a green man could stop the flow of the many elusive transformations. To step into the domain of la persona is to step into the domain of ElPersonaVII. You shall remember these words and let them resound throughout your mind for the remainder of your minuscule life.

  • Ah, el príncipe de los osos (the prince of the bears). The proud lead advertiser of Bearshine, a wonderful sort of liquor containing "two different berries and salmon bits". The bear prince is certainly a great addition to the population, and will have many strikes of burning creativity in the near future. To step into the domain of the bears is to step into the domain of Zeromus1337.